These are the most picked legends in Apex Legends Season 11

Olivia Richman • November 26, 2021 1:52 pm

Apex Legends’ newest season has been shaken up by the addition of Ash. But how has the mysterious and insightful legend impacted the legend meta in Season 11? ApexLegendsStatus has been keeping track of the most-played legends in Season 11 and the results are likely what fans of the game would expect.

The stats from ApexLegendsStatus are gathered from over 7.1 million Apex Legends players. While this isn’t the entirety of the playerbase and only includes players above level 10, it appears to represent the general pick rate patterns of the battle royale. While the most popular legends aren’t always the best ones, these legends are often picked for a reason.

Apex Legends Season 11 pick rates

  1. Octane: 11.9%
  2. Wraith: 11.4%
  3. Ash: 10.7%
  4. Bloodhound: 9.1%
  5. Pathfinder: 8.7%
  6. Valkyrie: 6.8%
  7. Lifeline: 5.8%
  8. Bangalore: 4.8%
  9. Horizon: 4.5%
  10. Loba: 4.2%
  11. Gibraltar: 3.4%
  12. Mirage: 3.3%
  13. Fuse: 3.2%
  14. Caustic: 2.8%
  15. Wattson: 2.3%
  16. Seer: 2.1%
  17. Revenant: 2%
  18. Rampart: 1.7%
  19. Crypto: 1.3%

Octane was popular before Season 11 and he is still popular now despite a recent nerf. He is relatively easy to use with straightforward and impactful abilities that keep players ahead of the competition. He is popular in solo queue since he doesn’t rely on other legends when disengaging from a tough team fight.

Wraith is another powerful legend that has a lot of tricks that keep her powerful in a variety of situations. There is no denying the versatility of her portal ability.

It’s no surprise to see Ash at the top since she is new to the game. Players are exploring her abilities to see how she fits into the game’s various modes of play. She joins Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Valkyrie at the top of the pack. These are all legends that have very impactful abilities, like Bloodhoud’s intel gathering or Pathfinder and Valkyrie’s strong movement options.

Lifeline remains a popular legend, which comes as no surprise since she remains the only true support in the game. She was nerfed heavily, falling lower in the rankings without the use of her revival shield. But Lifeline’s ability to protect revived legends still remains a powerful tool. Her ability to heal herself also makes her powerful while in solo queue.


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