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These are the cheapest ships in Starfield

By Melany Moncada


Oct 2, 2023

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The ship you own will be crucial for your progress in Starfield. The options are almost endless, but if you are looking for low-cost and even free ships, here is a selection.

A ship in Starfield will serve as a transportation method, a weapon when it’s time to fight and a place to store your resources. Different ships will offer different uses, some will have more space than others or a lower fuel tank efficiency.

Cheapest ships in Starfield  

No prize point will beat the free ships and these can be unlocked after completing certain missions in the game.

The Razorleaf

The Razorleaf is the reward for completing the MANTIS quest. To pick up this quest, you will need to kill some Spacers. The Razorleaf is a Class A ship with room for only two crew members. The cargo space is limited but what it lacks in space, it makes up in damage.

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Star Eagle

To unlock the Star Eagle, you must complete the Freestar Ranger faction missions. The Star Eagle is arguably one of the best ships in the game. It has everything you need, space for cargo, powerful missiles, and can fit five crew members.

Achilles II

Achilles II is one of the cheapest ships in the game. It sells for 97,876 credits and is a decent update from the basic ship. It is available for sale in Hopetown. It has decent cargo space and a good enough shield.

Carry ALL

If cargo space is your main concern, the Carry ALL is the perfect option. As its name suggests, it has plenty of room where you can fit everything. It has room for five crew members with a decent fuel tank and a decent shield. It is as reliable as it gets. The Carry ALL can be bought in Cydonia for 157,739 credits.


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