These are the biggest changes in the TFT meta after patch 10.9

By Melany Moncada


Apr 30, 2020

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Patch 10.9 is the largest Teamfight Tactics patch to date, and it brings major changes to the game’s current meta.

Patch 10.9 deployed on April 29 and is expected to be the final update before the official launch of the game’s competitive scene. So far, TFT: Galaxies has had a flexible meta with different compositions being viable options. Games were generally decided by the skill of the players, which was the intention of the developer with this set.

Champion shop drop rates patch 10.9

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The first major change is the champion shop drop rate. If a player wanted to complete a tier-one unit and get it to three stars, they had to roll at round 3-1. At this point in the game, most players are at level four unless they forced a level five upgrade early. Round 3-1 was level four is the best chance to get those units. With the new distribution of the drop rates, players can push to level five and still have a decent chance to complete their three-star units.

Patch 10.9 also gave important buffs to the tier-one units, especially at three stars, making them worth completing.


  • Riposte Stun: 1.5/1.5/3 seconds


  • Smoke Grenade Blind Duration: 43/4/5 seconds


  • Taste their Fear Damage: 200/275/500


  • Eclipse Damage Reduction: 40/80/200


  • Energy Shield: 40%/45%/60%

Twisted Fate

  • Wild Cards Damage: 200/300/550


  • Bomb! Damage: 300/400/700

Trait nerfs, buffs, and adjustments in patch 10.9

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Patch 10.9 is nerfing ten traits, adjusting four more and buffing one. These changes will affect popular compositions from previous patches.

  • Snipers paired well with Chrono, now that the attack speed is the same but at different times, it’s not worth it getting six of these units. Instead, it’s better to get a Vanguard as a front line. If the lobby has too much magic damage, then add Mystic for extra protection.
  • Dark Star and Cybernetic received a significant nerfs late. A full Dark Star or Cybernetic composition might not be as effective. The idea is to get variety and not only one trait.
  • Sorcerer and Star Guardian both got nerfed, it means less power and less mana. Considering that Tear of the Goddess grants less mana, the Star Guardians won’t be able to use the spell as effectively. If the rest of the players are stacking armor, the Star Guardians might get a chance.
  • Brawlers and Blasters, Mech Pilot, and Infiltrators are still in a good position, to be competitive.

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The real winners of patch 10.9 are Rebels. The trait got a nerf, but the included units got buffed. Individually, Rebels got more power, even if as a group the shield is weaker. The advantage of Rebels is that it can be combined with a variety of traits so each game can have an unique version of the composition.


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