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These are the best gifts for gamers

By Olivia Richman


Jul 19, 2022

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When it comes to gifts for gamers, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. Oftentimes we feel overwhelmed and default to the obvious, like a gift card. But if you want to find a gift for the gamer in your life that showcases their personality and interests, we have some ideas to help you celebrate their love of gaming in a special way. Here are the best gifts for gamers in 2022.

Gifts for gamer boyfriends

If your boyfriend is a huge gamer, he probably spends hours at his battlestation playing games with friends or exploring open worlds. While he may already have all of the video games he wants to play, you can significantly improve his gaming experience by transforming his gaming area with unexpected touches that show off his fandom.

Super Mario lamp

This officially licensed Nintendo lamp is a throwback to the old-school Super Mario Bros. games on the NES. The lamp shade features art from a classic Mario Bros level with blocks, goombas, and a jumping Mario against a recognizable blue background with pixelated clouds. The stand itself is an NES controller, adding to the retro vibes.

What’s even cooler is that the NES controller stand’s buttons actually work! You can press certain buttons on the stand to control the light brightness settings. The lamp is bright enough to illuminate any bedroom or gaming center, making it the perfect addition to any desk or nightstand.

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Gaming neon lights

This neon sign is the perfect way to add an instant pop of color to any man cave or game room. With a bright blue outline and vibrant green and red buttons, this colorful controller is the perfect decor for a gamer that needs a bit more lighting in their everyday life.

While this neon sign gives off retro vibes, it’s actually an LED sign that’s much safer and cost effective than vintage signs. It’s made of flexible silicone light strips that won’t get hot or break like glass. It also has a 5V low-voltage design that saves on energy bills. That means you don’t have to worry about keeping it on all night long during a streaming session or using it during a game-themed birthday party.

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CSGO trading cards

If your boyfriend loves competitive games or watching esports, these Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trading cards are the perfect unique gift for them. What could be more fun than opening up packs to see what pro players you get? Also getting each physical card as a digital NFT!

These packs are already a fun gift for gamers that like to own collectibles and you’re able to showcase your collection online. But you can also complete challenges to earn rewards and unlock NFTs, competing with other Epics trading card collectors to climb up the leaderboard. These CSGO trading cards make for an interesting gift for fans of the popular tactical shooter.

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Gifts for gamer girlfriends

Is your girlfriend more interested in designing a garden in Animal Crossing than planting flowers outside? Is she more excited about getting a frag in Call of Duty than in long walks on the beach? We understand. This means that you need to find the perfect gift that celebrates her favorite hobbies, games, and characters.

Razer gaming chair

This chair may look (very) adorable, but it’s actually designed with hardcore gamers in mind. With angled seat edges, a fully adjustable recline and tilt, and high density foam cushions, this officially licensed Hello Kitty and Friends Razer gaming chair inspires healthy sitting posture so she can game for hours in comfort.

The first thing you’ll notice about this chair is the cute Hello Kitty rainbow design. This impressive chair also has multi-layered synthetic leather that’s beyond durable and a steel-reinforced body that can support up to 300 pounds, so it’s both resilient and meant for high performance.

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Cat paw cushion

Sometimes a chair is not enough. Sometimes your girlfriend just needs a cushion shaped like a cat paw. This cat paw cushion is super soft and made of plush fabric that makes it extra comfortable. It instantly makes any gaming setup look kawaii and cozy, perfect for hours of gaming, streaming, or just watching television shows.

The cat paw cushion is not just for gaming chairs. It can be used on any seat, sofa, or floor, making it perfect for basically any time you need to sit on something squishy. You can even just cuddle with the cat paw cushion and squeeze it! Its white fur and pink toe beans are irresistible and make the perfect bed for your cat as well.

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Kirby anniversary plush

This large and soft pink puffball plush was created for Kirby’s 30th anniversary. It’s an officially licensed product that was designed in Japan, making it the perfect addition to any Kirby collection. It’s limited edition too, meaning it’s most definitely a Kirby plush that will be coveted by your partner.

Kirby is celebrating his 30th anniversary in 2022, complete with new games and limited edition merch. That includes this large and squishy Kirby plush with a special image on the bottom of his foot. You can see Kirby on his Warped Star, with “30th anniversary” in bold letters. This is perfect for Kirby fans and will instantly become a highly coveted part of any plush collection.

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Reaper Overwatch figure

Overwatch players enjoy the game for more than its competitive gameplay. The game has done a great job creating an entire universe with deep lore and in-depth characters. If your girlfriend plays Overwatch, she will love having an iconic hero on her desk, shelf, or nightstand.

This Reaper figure is posable and made of flexible, durable plastic, complete with two Hellfire Shotguns and a dynamic cape flowing behind him. Move him around to recreate his Shadow Step effect or Death Blossom ultimate for extra believability. The attention to detail of this Figma figure makes it an incredible addition to any gaming figure collection.

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Why are these the best gifts for gamers?

Every gamer has their favorite games and their own unique style, which is why we included so many different options for the gamer in your life. Some gamers love collecting figures and trading cards, while others just want to cuddle with a giant plush in a cozy gaming setup.

No matter the gift, it’s important to keep in mind what makes the gamer in your life so special. Do they love old Nintendo games and know everything about classic consoles? Are they a hardcore FPS player that loves to grind ranked games for hours? Knowing their gaming style will help you find them perfect gift to help them to celebrate the games they love, and make their space extra special.


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