These are the best champions to play in LoL patch 10.16

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 14, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

With the recent release of League of Legends patch 10.16, a shift in the meta is starting to form. But which champions are currently the best to play as a result? 

We will be looking at the best champions to pick up in the current patch according to the patch changes and early solo queue stats from platinum rank and up.

Sona and Lux

Sona and Lux have been functioning as a pair in many successful games, and we can understand why. 

The duo started to more popular during the previous patch, when we saw them in both professional games and in solo queue. The combo was inspired by Sona and Taric, a nightmare duo from some months back as it outscaled most every other champion in the game. 

Taric is no longer used in the combo, as Lux has taken his spot. Lux is a great supplement to Sona because of her CC that helps set up kills. Lux also has some early game laning power that Taric lacks, which makes the combo easier to play during the laning phase. 

Both champions are sitting in the top two of highest win rates in the game, where Lux is first with a whopping 61.93%. Sona has a lower win rate at 55.08%, but this is still high enough to be considered overpowered. 

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Hecarim is starting to take over in the jungle after a recent buff in patch 10.16. Hecarim got a buff to his E ability, Devastating Charge, through which he gains more movement speed for the duration of the ability. The movement speed is essential for Hecarim’s kit and it’s clear this has made a big difference when looking at his win rates. 

Hecarim is being picked in both the jungle and the top lane with similar win rates. Both win rates are over 53%, which makes Hecarim a strong flex pick that can trick the enemy team. These excellent win rates place Hecarim at the third and fourth spots for best win rates among all champions in all roles in the game.


Evelynn is a name that most people probably haven’t seen in a while, but the invisible assassin is back with a vengeance. Evelynn got an interesting buff in patch 10.16 which was intended to make her viable in lane again.

Riot reduced her Hate Spike (Q) ability cooldown by 50% and removed the cooldown refund when hitting monsters. This means that Evelynn will now be more viable since she no longer relies on a cooldown refund from jungle camps.  

Even though Riot seems to want Evelynn back to the mid lane, she is currently succeeding in the jungle. She is now sitting at a solid 52.80% win rate with almost 80,000 total games tracked. This proves that Evelynn is finally a viable pick, and not just a champion that one-tricks pull out in lower elo.


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