These are the best champions for solo queue in LoL patch 10.19

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 22, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Patch 10.19 has hit the live servers and players are already grinding solo queue. But which champions are the best to climb with?

The Worlds patch brought changes to many high-impact champions for competitive play, but not many big changes that will impact the state of solo queue. Champions such as Azir, Twisted Fate, and Caitlyn got some nerfs to ensure they won’t dominate at Worlds, while Aphelios, Irelia, and Vayne were buffed to make them more viable. 

In solo queue, the most viable champions are often a bit different from professional play. But this might not be the case in this patch. 

Pantheon can be flexed into different roles in patch 10.19

One of the best champions in patch 10.19 is Pantheon. Not specifically because of his win rate, but because he is performing well in both the mid lane and support positions. Pantheon will therefore be a strong flex pick for solo queue and perhaps during the 2020 World Championship as well. Several support players attending Worlds have been playing a lot of support Pantheon on the Chinese super server, which could indicate that we will see him picked when the tournament kicks off. 

Pantheon is currently performing best in the mid lane with a 52.40% win rate. Pantheon in the support position is more of a niche pick, but players seem to be picking him up regardless. As support, Pantheon has a 50.44% win rate. 

The dangerous part about Pantheon is that he is strong in lane and has a lot of base damage. He can punish most lane opponents as soon as he hits level three and keeps poking with his Comet Spear (Q). 

The same goes for Pantheon support, which is why he is currently seen as a strong pick. He is aggressive and does way more damage than any other support. He also has a great point and click CC in his Shield Vault (W) to set up his carry for kills. 

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Quinn is a strong split pusher for patch 10.19

Quinn is making her way back into the meta by being a lane bully and split pusher in the top lane. Quinn has not received any changes in recent patches but is becoming a great pick for solo queue for all top laners who want the ability to carry.  

Quinn is currently sitting at a 52.81% win rate, making her the highest win rate top laner in the game. She is a good pick into tanks such as Maokai, and can even handle Renekton in lane. 

For the laning phase, Quinn likes to utilize her range to bully the opponent. She will obviously have to play safe because she lacks mobility, but a practiced Quinn will be able to know their limits.

In the late game, Quinn is a split pushing monster. When her Skystrike (R) gets to level 16, she can roam around the map in no time and take down towers before opponents can react. 

Quinn might be a pick that some players at Worlds will also look towards. She most likely won’t be a contested pick, but instead used by some of the lane dominant top laners or as a counter pick. 

Pyke is crushing it in mid lane on patch 10.19

Pyke is starting to come back into the meta in solo queue, but not necessarily as a support. The Bloodharbor Ripper is getting a lot of playtime in the mid lane, where he currently has the third-highest win rate at 52.80%. 

It’s not easy to play Pyke mid since he doesn’t have a lot of early game pressure. His wave clear is also very lackluster, so players will have to survive the laning phase until it’s possible to roam around and establish a lead elsewhere. 

The reason why Pyke is strong is because of his ability to roam. In solo queue, most people play without much respect for such roams and Pyke can punish that. A few successful roams will get the snowball rolling on Pyke, since a kill with his Death from Below (R) gives his teammates gold as well. 

Pyke is a risky pick for solo queue, but also a champion that will reward good play.