These are the best and most creative League of Legends cosplays

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 12, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

Cosplaying has been a way of sharing fans’ passion and creativity around video games, movies, anime, and more for years. And the standards in League of Legends cosplaying are higher than ever. 

Some of the most talented cosplayers in the world are commonly looking to League of Legends for inspiration for cosplays. With over 150 characters in the game, there are plenty of options for cosplayers to make something breathtaking. While some champions are harder than others to recreate, everyone seems to have something unique to present. There are also champions with much higher popularity in the cosplay scene, which shows with frequent cosplays of Jinx, Ahri, Janna, and others. While it’s impossible to discover all of the amazing LoL cosplays that are created every day, we’ve assembled a few that absolutely cannot be missed.

Five of the best League of Legends cosplays

Cinderys – Leona

Leona cosplay

The first cosplay is from the French streamer and cosplayer Cinderys. The cosplay is a classic one of Leona in her standard golden and red armor as seen in the regular splash art. 

Despite most other female support champions, Leona is a beefy tank with a lot of crowd control and armor ready to show off. In this cosplay, Cinderys has done a good job of showing all details in Leona’s armor and especially on her sword and shield. The most significant detail on Cinderys’ cosplay is the two-layered shield that really captures the look of Leona. The golden colors across the cosplay are also perfectly matching the in-game model, including Leona’s crown to round off the look. 

Néréide – Koi Nami

Koi Nami cosplay

This next cosplay is inspired by another support champion, Nami. For this cosplay made by Néréide, the idea has been to recreate the Koi Nami skin, which was originally released alongside Nami all the way back in 2012. 

The skin has been in the game for a while but remains one of the most colorful skins in the MOBA title. This clearly shows in the cosplay by Néréide, who has gone all the way with a red suit looking exactly like Nami’s skin surrounded by blue and chrome armor. As the skin name indicates, Riot has been inspired by the Japanese Koi fish, which is known for its color variations. Néréide has done a good job at capturing these bright colors and even took photos in what looks like a Koi pond. 

Minus10GradCelsius – Master Yi

Master Yi cosplay

The next cosplay is an impressive one of Master Yi that shows incredible craftsmanship. Minus10GradCelsius has made a complete cosplay of Master Yi in his original costume with his iconic green sword.

As one of the oldest champions in the game, Master Yi is one character that any League of Legends fan will know. But Master Yi is by no means the easiest champion to cosplay due to his colorful sword and his helmet with its seven eyes. Minus10GradCelsius took up the challenge and absolutely nailed it. The cosplay captures all the right colors of Master Yi from his original splash art and has some of the finest details including the two green daggers around his angles. 

KuroTanCosplayer – Redeemed Riven

Redeemed Riven cosplay

Another champion that many cosplayers have tried to portrait is Riven. The exiled fighter has been in the game for almost 10 years and has grown into a fan favorite. Not only is Riven a popular champion in the game, she’s also a great option for cosplay. 

KuroTanCosplayer has made this incredible recreation of the Redeemed Riven skin, which was the first skin for Riven in the game. The Redeemed skin shows a more innocent version of Riven, with plenty of opportunities to hone in on details. Riven’s sword is her key feature, which KuroTanCosplayer has clearly put a lot of work into. The wide broken blade with green colors and all the details are perfectly represented in this one. 

Sneaky – Star Guardian Soraka

This last cosplay is by someone many League of Legends fans will know of. After years at the top of the professional scene, former Cloud9 bot laner Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi has gone all-in on cosplaying. 

What many people didn’t expect was the fact that Sneaky is all about cosplaying the most popular female champions in the game. After several cosplays, Sneaky has yet to portray a male character. This has created much discussion around Sneaky’s cosplays, which go viral every time he shows them off. The quality of Sneaky’s cosplays has also gone up a lot. In this Star Guardian Soraka cosplay, Sneaky manages to hit all the right notesand Soraka’s staff. 


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