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These are all the Madden NFL 23 FieldSENSE gameplay changes

By Steven Rondina


Jul 3, 2022

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Madden games traditionally stay the same year after year outside of a few changes to the game’s core mechanics. Madden NFL 23 is no different, with the next installment bringing the FieldSENSE system into play.

While some fans ridicule the Madden series for being largely the same each year, there are some changes that separate each game from those that have come before. For Madden NFL 23, the biggest gameplay changes all fall under the umbrella of the FieldSENSE system. This will bring a number of changes to the controls of players at each position, giving fans greater control over the on-field action.

What is the FieldSENSE system in Madden NFL 23?

FieldSENSE is effectively a new animation system that impacts the gameplay at each position on the field in Madden NFL 23. 

Madden NFL 23 adds a slew of new animations to the game. While this might sound like it’s just for the sake of graphical improvements, the addition of more animations impacts everything from how tackling works to how nimble players are when turning.

When playing on defense, committed Madden players can immediately identify whether a play will end or keep going based on the start of the tackle animation. FieldSENSE is meant to change that by adding more dynamic tackle animations, allowing for a greater number of potential outcomes and making play on the field less predictable.

On offense, the biggest change is how players run. Every Madden player has been left frustrated at some point by having a running back make a swooping turn directly into a blocking linemen instead of a proper cut to sneak through an open hole. Madden NFL 23’s FieldSENSE and its greater number of animations will theoretically allow for greater control over players running with the ball in these and other situations.

FieldSENSE also includes new mechanics for the passing game. After selecting which receiver to throw to, players will have the ability to adjust where the quarterback will throw the ball. For a fly route down the sideline, the player is able to manually select whether the ball will land closer to the sideline to keep it out of the reach of a defender, or farther from the sideline to guarantee a catch in-bounds.

EA Sports is hoping FieldSENSE combines with other upgrades to make for an improved Madden 23 experience after two years of lagging critical response for the franchise.


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