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These are all the characters to get in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

By Steven Rondina


Aug 5, 2022

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Despite having a somber story, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 boasts a colorful cast of characters for players to befriend and recruit.

At first glance, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 looks like any other fantasy RPG with an extra splash of neon. The game makes it obvious that isn’t the case early on. Battle breaks out right from the start of the game with a number of grizzly scenes setting a dark tone to the game. And it gets worse from there.

Both sides of a war between belligerents Keves and Agnus have intensely militaristic societies and effectively breed their population to grow up quickly and die young in battle. Despite all the main characters seemingly being late adolescents, each are under 10 years old. When someone reaches age 10, they are killed in a ritual execution.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a dark world, but it throws in some fun characters. Here are all the characters that join the player’s party and what they’re about.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 main characters

While there are a lot of party members to recruit in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, not all characters are made equal in terms of their impact on the story. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has two main protagonists in Mio and Noah, and they are flanked by a pair of squadmates.

Mio and Noah are on opposite sides of a brutal war between Agnus and Keves, but circumstances see the two opposing teams merge together. This carries hefty ramifications for both sides of the war.

Lanz, Noah, and Eunie in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Lanz, Noah, and Eunie.


Noah is one of the protagonists of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and serves as the game’s main hero. He is a Swordfighter, one of Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s most offensively focused classes, and an off-seer.

Off-seers are individuals in the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who essentially usher the spirits and life force of the dead out of their bodies to let them pass on. He is a soldier from Keves who is flanked by lifelong friends Eunie and Lanz.


Lanz is the quintessential tank of the party, as part of the Heavy Guard class. He soaks up damage with a large sword that flairs out into a shield with abilities that allow him to draw aggro to protect Eunie and give space for Noah to deal damage. He is generally hostile towards everyone aside from Noah.


Eunie is the team’s primary healer in the early game, starting as a medic gunner. She serves as a foil to both Lanz and Noah, with an upbeat personality and a propensity for delivering cheeky barbs that offset Noah’s stoicism and Lanz’s intensity. She is seemingly a member of the High Entia race, as indicated by the large wings growing out of the back of her head.

Mio from Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Mio is meant to be the game’s second protagonist alongside Noah. She is a Gormotti, Xenoblade Chronicles’ race of cat people. Despite looking the part of a thief or rogue, she’s actually a tank of the Zephyr class, luring in enemies and staying alive using evasion. She is also an off-seer for Agnus, something that she and Noah quickly bond over.

Taion from Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Taion is Agnus’ answer to Lanz, at least from a personality perspective. He is bristly and antagonistic, especially towards Noah and company. But while Lanz is a prototypical tank, Taion plays a support role in battle. Though they share healing duties, Taion debuffs enemies while Eunie buffs allies.

Sena from Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Sena is a close friend to Mio and is deeply loyal. She’s not necessarily good with anyone else, though. Despite her small stature, she starts in the Ogre class which wields enormously large hammers to deal massive damage.

Other heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Though the squads of Mio and Noah are the main characters, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 players end up having a much larger entourage than just those starting six. There are a number of other characters that join the party, some of which are completely optional.

Riku and Manana
Riku and Manana.

Riku and Manana

Riku and Manana are technically main characters as they are part of Noah’s and Mio’s teams, respectively, at the very start of the game. It’s not until much later in the game that the duo become playable characters that take part in combat. They join as a part of the main story and are unique within the game as the two characters function as one unit.

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Valdi introduces players to the War Medic class, a support class that has a bit more direct offensive output than other supportive options in the role. Personality-wise he is primarily focused on his work. That can be managing things in Colony 30 or repairing or tinkering with gadgets and equipment.

Zeon from Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Zeon looks completely out of place in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In a wartorn dystopia with a cyberpunk aesthetic, Zeon adds a splash of knightliness that gives him a “main character” feel. He comes from Keves’ Colony 9 which is dealing with a food shortage and has a bit of history with some of the Kevesi main characters.

Juniper from Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Ghostbow Juniper was revealed in flashy fashion with a trailer that showed them performing acrobatics while trying to kill Eunie. They’re not quite as dazzling in actual battles, but this sets the stage for the Stalker class in a powerful way. Like Mio, Juniper is a Gormotti from Agnus.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is somewhat strange in its presentation of its main characters, portraying them as uncomfortable rookies despite the fact that they’re meant to be decorated veterans. That’s not the case with Alexandria, though. An Agnian Incursor from Colony Iota, she is famed in Agnus and feared in Keves for her combat prowess and tactical skills.

Fiona from Xenoblade Chronicles 3


The flipside of Alexandria is Fiona, a younger soldier from Agnus that lacks the brutality to do her job well. Fittingly, she’s a support character of the Signifier class. She primarily focuses on buffing allies around her using her flag staff.

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Gray traded in his ninja sword for dual pistols, but he’s still as edgy as Xenoblade Chronicles 3 gets despite being a family man. A gruff and tough Full Metal Jaguar, he lives in the shadow of Swordmarch, where the team spends most of its time traveling to.

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Ashera is another Kevesi defender alongside Lanz. She takes a very different approach to it as a Lone Exile, capable of dealing as much damage as she takes thanks to her double-edged sword.


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