The Year of the Pig comes to Overwatch

Rebekah Drake • January 25, 2019 4:18 pm

The latest update to Overwatch has begun the latest Lunar New Year event, bringing with it the return of the Capture the Flag game mode and a variety of new cosmetics for the Year of the Pig.

Eight new skins have have been introduced for the event, including six legendary skins and two epics. The skins have a mixture of both traditional Korean and Chinese aesthetics. Brigitte’s new epic skin shows her dressed as a Korean general, while Tracer’s Legendary Hong Gildong skin is based on a Robin Hood character.

The remaining Legendary skins are for Reaper, Törbjorn, Zenyatta, Hanzo, and Reinhardt, and are all based on figures in Chinese history. Lu Bü Reaper, for example, was a military general and warlord during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Fans of the Dynasty Warriors series may also recognise his design.

Additional cosmetics include new themed emotes for Soldier:76 and Ana, along with a new dumming victory pose for Lúcio. There’s also a collection of new voice lines for each hero, new player icons, and themed victory poses for heroes who previously lacked one.

All previously released Lunar New Year cosmetics are also available for purchase during the event, and will be available at the reduced price of non-event skins.

The control map Busan has been introduced to the returning Capture the Flag arcade mode. The map has been redecorated for the Lunar New Year with a new evening setting.

When signing in for the first time, players will get a chance to earn a free themed loot box that will guarantee at least one themed item. As the event runs until February 19, players have until then to collect their free loot box.


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