The two rarest items in Diablo 4 explained

By Nicholas James


Jun 20, 2023

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Diablo 4 is consuming the time of action RPG fans everywhere, but there are two of the rarest items in Diablo 4 that are being hunted by warriors all over Sanctuary.

Diablo is a classic action game, and that means trying to equip your character will all sorts of rare loot and items to enhance their abilities. There’s no shortage of powerful gear, but as the dust settles in Tristram, two items are dwarfing all others in both their rarity and how sought-after they are. These are Diablo 4’s rarest items, The Grandfather and the Harlequin’s Crest.

The rarest items in Diablo 4

The two rarest items in Diablo 4 are the Harlequin’s Crest, a helmet, and the Grandfather, a two-handed sword. Each of them is ridiculously powerful and so rare that player`s suspected they weren’t even in the game for a long while. Here’s what each item does, why it’s so good, and how you can find them.

The Harlequin’s Crest is a non-class-specific helm with some truly wild bonuses. It gives the following stats:

+2-2752 Maximum Life
+1-10% Cooldown Reduction
+1-12% Resource Generation
+5-28 to all stats
+Unique Aspect: Gain 10-20% Damage Reduction and +4 ranks to all skills.

Not only does this helmet give a ton of useful stats, its Unique bonus gives huge damage reduction and massively empowers every single skill you’ve already taken. There’s not a build in the game that wouldn’t be tempted by the Harlequin’s Crest, making it one of the best items in the whole title. The Harlequin’s Crest is best dropped from Torment Helltide Events and Nightmare Dungeons.

The other incredibly rare item is the Grandfather, a Unique two-handed sword.

+9-16% Damage
+12-20 to all stats
+147-235 Maximum Life
Ignores Durability loss
9+60-100% Critical Strike Damage

This weapon has a ridiculous amount of damage attached to it, both through Critical Strike Damage and flat percentile damage increase. It seems absolutely perfect for Barbarian builds. The Grandfather is randomly obtained and has an obscenely low drop rate.

Those are currently the two rarest items in Diablo 4.


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