The top 10 most popular CSGO skins

By William Davis


Dec 31, 2021

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trends tend to come and go, seemingly changing each year. But one of them sticks with the players and has no tendencies of going away any time sooner – collecting and trading CSGO skins. Skins are popular in-game items that players use to add some uniqueness to their characters. 

Some skins are rare and others are extremely popular. The more popular a skin is, the more interesting it becomes to individual collectors. Since CSGO trading is a huge thing in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s gaming community and skin trade marketplace, let’s talk about the most popular CSGO skins you should keep an eye on.

Cyrex USP-S

Since every player gets this starter pistol, one of the best skins for it is Cyrex. It’s one of the most preferred skins of choice in Field-Tested conditions. The skin made its first appearance in 2016 as part of the Glove Collection. 

Aside from the fact that it looks really great and makes using the gun cooler than ever, this skin also comes at quite an affordable price. The fact that some of the most popular professional CSGO players prefer Cyrax skin is enough proof of how popular it really is.

Glock-18 Candy Apple

Glock is one of the most preferred weapons of choice among offensive players. Glock-18 Candy Apple is available in Factory New condition. However, it’s interesting to know that this skin comes at a higher price at high Float Values than a brand-new one. 

While we’re at Glock-18 skins, we’d also like to mention Glock-18 Synth Leaf and High Beam, which is part of the 2018 Inferno Collection. Glock-18 Candy Apple is among the most popular skins for this weapon and is often used by top pros.

Uncharted AK-47

The AK-47 is a staple of every FPS game. This rifle is probably the most popular one in the game, and it’s only natural that there are many different skins for it. One of the most popular skins for AK-47 is Uncharted. 

Even though Redline was on the top for a good portion of time, it got serious competition when Uncharted made its first appearance. According to the top professional players, Uncharted and Fire Serpent currently share the top spot as the most popular skins among pro players.

Moonrise Glock-18

Added to the game inventory in 2018, Glock-18 Moonrise is definitely one of the coolest Glock skins around. Even though it’s been around for a few years only, Moonrise quickly found its place among all players, including pros. 

This skin makes your Glock look like it’s ready to conquer the world. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to break the bank to get it. Even though it’s a cheap skin, it makes your Glock look really great. 

Asiimov AWP

AWP skins are in high demand among CSGO players as the AWP is one of the most popular rifles in the game. While there have been many different AWP skins in the leading position, Asiimov is still a number one choice. CSGO is known to provide the ultimate sniping action, and many players love the opportunity to become professional snipers. 

According to top snipers, Asiimov is one of the most popular skins for this type of weapon. That’s why Asiimov is one of the most preferred CSGO skins among professional players. On top of that, it’s considered a classic choice. 

Redline AWP

When it comes to choosing the right skin for your large-caliber precision rifle, there are many top choices to choose from, but none of them are as unique as Redline. Dark-red, stylish, and clear, it gives your sniper the perfect finish you need to make your enemies fear and remember you. 

With AK-47 and Glock, AWP pretty much runs the CSGO show. It’s only natural that you want the meanest look for your silent death-bearer.

Magnesium M4A4

Just like in life, sometimes simpler is better. If you prefer something simple for your M4A4, we recommend you go with Magnesium M4A4 skin. Aside from giving your weapon a magnificent finish, Magnesium is one of the most popular skins of choice for most M4A4 users. 

While Asiimov is still the number one, Magnesium is climbing fast and is soon to become as popular as Asiimov. If you like to stay ahead of other players, this skin might just be a great way to beat your opponents.

Flashback USP-S

Flashback is currently a fan-favorite CSGO skin. It’s a perfect skin for the silenced USP-S pistol that comes with a detachable silencer that gives every player that killer look. If you don’t like attracting attention when you do your killing, this is a perfect weapon of choice for you. 

The silencer allows for less recoil while also providing enough suppressing support to eliminate the unnecessary noise. 

Bioleak MP9

If you want to go full cyber on your enemies, Bioleak might just be an excellent skin to add a bit of a thrill to your shooting game. What makes this skin so cool and more popular than others is the illusion of a chemical spill depicted with varying shades of green randomly sprinkled all over the skin.

Redline AK-47

Redline has been around since 2014. It made its first appearance in the game with the addition of the Phoenix Weapon operation case. This skin is available for both AK-47 and AWP rifles. What makes it so cool is a gloomy and dark finish with bright red lines. If this isn’t enough to convince you, then you’ll love the fact that you can get this skin at a very affordable price.

If you want to get your hands on these skins in the fastest and easiest way, you can use a CSGO trade bot to do all the trading for you. Instead of wasting your time and effort on trading, you can use your time in a much better way while your bot does all the hard work. Get the best and most popular CSGO skins to take your gaming experience to the next level.


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