The three coolest features coming in Battlefield 2042

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 10, 2021

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The Battlefield franchise is breaking new ground with a futuristic take on the warfare of tomorrow.

Battlefield 2042 is the upcoming sequel to Battlefield 1. Instead of using a past conflict, 2042 will attempt to imagine conflicts set in the not-so-far future. The first-person shooter is scheduled for an October 22 release with multiple beta tests in advance.

Developer DICE has already released a handful of trailers showing exciting gameplay changes to the Battlefield experience. These are the three features we’re most excited for in Battlefield 2042.

Natural disasters are a third faction

The wildest introduction to Battlefield multiplayer is storms. These events are designed to disrupt the usual multiplayer experience and create new emergent gameplay scenarios. This is accomplished by sending a massive weather disaster right through the map. These can vary from dust clouds to tornados to massive thunderstorms depending on the map.

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The most interesting part of Battlefield 2042 storms is that they seem to interact with the physics of the map. The trailers show them sweeping up vehicles, loose objects, and even players. The destroyed environment could serve as a new battleground after the disaster has passed. After stressfully escaping the storm, players could fight across toppling skyscrapers or newly torn-up streets.

What could Hazard Zone be?

DICE has been pushing its new Hazard Zone game mode in promotional material, but it’s still difficult to tell exactly what it is. On the official Battlefield website, it’s described as “an all-new, high-stakes, squad-based game type that is a modern take on the multiplayer experience.” Luckily, leakers have revealed more about the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone game mode.

According to loose-lipped DICE insiders, Hazard Zone will be a peculiar mix of Escape From Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown. That implies that players will probably need to procure weapons mid-game and multiple factions will be at play in any given match. The mysteries surrounding the new Hazard Zone game mode only make it more exciting. 

Portal is Forge Mode for Battlefield

The new Battlefield Postal game mode is the most exciting addition to the main Battlefield franchise. Players will be able to create custom game modes with assets taken from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

It’s not as simple as dumping models and textures onto a map either. Map designers can create complex subroutines and rulesets to make every match feel completely fresh.

Live service is already confirmed for the game, so Portal will probably get several updates as the game matures. Content from other Battlefield games like Hardline, Battlefield 4, and maybe even 2142 could return in later seasons. Even if they don’t, the deep gameplay customization features could turn Battlefield 2042 into the next Garry’s Mod.


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