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The most popular esports games to date: Competition stats and game understanding

By William Davis


Jan 20, 2024

Reading time: 4 min

As many know, esports stands for electronic sports. Partaking in esports means playing a multiplayer video game competitively for spectators to watch.

There are constant esports competitions happening around the world, and you might be surprised by the prize pool amount, ranging from the tens of thousands of dollars to a whopping $45 million, which is the record set by the Saudi Arabian esports tournament organizers Gamers8.

Playing esports can sometimes feel like partaking in a bit of a gamble like Pikakasinot, as you never know just how big the win is going to be and which odds or competitors you are facing.

League of Legends

Considered one of the most popular e-sports to date, if not the most popular, is a game called the League of Legends. The reason League of Legends is said to be the most popular is due to the spectators within each tournament. You can always visit esports charts that show the current standing of the list of popular games. In 2024, the League of Legends is said to continue to take the number one place. Games like these are often played either on mobile phones or PC/consoles, and you can view the number of spectators by visiting the esports charts mentioned above. It’s a highly captivating game that draws in crowds of players and spectators alike.

The game consists of 2 teams where 5 players face each other to destroy the other team’s camp base. It is built on a lot of strategic moves, so to be good, you need to know how to make practical decisions in an instant. Each team’s base has something called the Nexus, which must be destroyed to kill the other team. As the Nexus is essentially the heart of the game, you can imagine that it is very well protected. It will have defense structures such as turrets and inhibitors surrounding it, and so as an attacking team, you must devise a plan to clear out at least one path to go and destroy the Nexus.

As a spectator of a game, it’s highly captivating to watch how a team of 5 manages to come up with a strategic play to clear out a path toward the opponent’s Nexus while managing to defend their own.


The name FIFA stands for International Federation of Association Football and is an E-sport. Much like the real-life game of FIFA competitions, the FIFA esports game is also highly competitive. For a player to partake in proper esport competitions, they need to first prove that they are an Elite player. To do this, they need to rank in the Elite 1 category of the FUT Championship. They can achieve this status only if they win 27 games in a single Weekend League. This is an extremely hard thing to do, and this is the reason spectator hours around these competitions are so high, as it’s majestic to watch these players make the most out of a digital game.

FIFA games are set up just like real-life games. There are 11 players to a side, and the winning team is the one that scores the most goals. You get to choose the player you want to play with, and then you need to win normal division sets before you can be considered for the FUT Championship. Showcasing extreme skill and setting a winning record is what puts you on the path to FIFA esports competitions.

Call of Duty

Another game that is highly popular amongst the esport crowd is Call of Duty. This game also racks in the spectators and prize pools when it comes to E-sport competitions. The Call of Duty Qualifiers for the 2024 competition managed to get more than 2 million hours worth of viewing time and a peak view number of 137,700 spectators, which are huge figures. No wonder the Call of Duty playoffs in 2023 had a prize pool of over 2 million dollars. 

The game itself lends itself to beginners, which is probably uninteresting to anyone already in esports, but many famous Call of Duty players credit their success to the fact that they once started as beginners, and the game made it easy for them. This is because the game has a ‘passive’ and ‘aggressive’ mode. With the passive mode, you get to wait for enemies to come to you, giving you more time to observe and understand the game before hurtling into an attack. Once players have perfected the passive mode, they often level up to the aggressive mode, where shots are being made, and an attack is the plan of the day. 

It’s game time

There are so many exciting esports competitions to look forward to, like the ALGS Regional Split 1 Pro League coming up soon, with a prize pool of 1 million dollars alone, the Call of Duty League 2024 Major I. coming up too, and the Rocket League Championship Series 2024. The year 2024 is filled with high-stakes and exciting games that both players and spectators can look forward to.


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