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The Influence Games Have Had On Online Gambling

By William Davis


Mar 12, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The online gambling industry is one of the fastest growing entertainment markets. In just a couple of decades, the industry has grown to a multi-billion-dollar market. The most impressive part is not how fast it has grown, but how fast it continues to grow. It seems that with each new day, new people are discovering online casinos.

What is interesting to note about the iGaming industry is that people who enjoy video games are much more likely to play at a casino online, than at a land-based establishment. The reason for that is that there is quite a lot of similarities between online gambling and gaming. Game developers take heavy inspiration from video games, both past and present, when they are creating online slots.

Games Influence on Casinos

In order to create an online slot game, one must know the intricacies of game design. Therefore, it isn’t hard to think that most slot game developers have studied classic games and how they were designed. They then use their knowledge when creating their own slot games. For many people, the influences may fly under the radar. However, for those who know a bit about game design, the connections are obvious.

We won’t delve too deeply into the deeper aspects of game design. After all, most people don’t know about the mechanics behind how a video game is created, and few really care. That is why, in this article, we’d like to pay close attention to the influence that gaming has had on iGaming, that anyone would be able to pick up on.

Specialty Games

The most obvious influence is the introduction of specialty games. Many may not know what specialty games are, but don’t worry; the explanation is actually quite simple. A casino specialty game is any game at an online casino that does not fit the standard definition of a “casino game.” For example, the most popular specialty game right now is the fish table game that many casinos feature.

A fish table game is a video game style gambling game that takes heavy inspiration from old school shooters, like Space Invaders. The game lets players take control of a diver, who is exploring the ocean floors. There, they face off against all sorts of different fish, all of whom have different abilities and are worth different amounts. The idea is to collect as many points, and then get cash prizes based on the amount.

Thematic Influences

Another way in which video games have influenced online casinos is by inspiring developers from a thematic perspective. Online slots are well-known for a fairly repetitive gameplay style. So, how could casinos keep fans interested? Well, they do it by introducing visual and audio effects and themes, that continue to enamor the audience.

Notable themes include fantasy, science fiction, westerns, and history. Anyone who has played a video game or two will be able to find obvious parallels between online casino slot games and the effects and themes of actual video games. That is just another way that the video game industry has influenced online gambling.


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