The digital age is taking over casinos and gaming alike

Albert Sheng • August 15, 2021 6:05 am

Many people are wondering what the next industry will be to go fully digital. And while we aren’t quite there yet, there’s increasing evidence that it could be the gaming and gambling industry.

Digitalization is a worldwide phenomenon, and there are many reasons for it. First and foremost, the increasing prevalence of advanced technologies and software makes it easier than ever before for more people to get online.

For people in most parts of the world, getting online is easy. This is why so many practices that were traditionally handled in-person have been transitioned to the online space. Even something as simple as shopping for weekly groceries or buying new clothes is now often a digital activity.

This has carried over to leisure activities as well. Movie theaters are rapidly falling out of style. They are being replaced by increasingly rich and prominent streaming services. Where once there existed only Netflix, there’s now an entire set of streaming platforms competing for digital dollars and attention, ranging from older services such as Hulu to newer entrants including HBO Max and Peacock.

Video games have always been a digital activity, and were really at the forefront of this movement. One of the first popular uses of the internet was connecting to other users to play video games together from a distance. id Software’s Doom became a multiplayer sensation thanks to rapid developments in the online multiplayer space, and these developments only accelerated with the release of id Software’s Quake.

Today, many games are carrying that legacy of online competition forward. These titles range from traditional first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant to entirely different styles of games, like League of Legends, StarCraft 2, or Dota 2.

But there’s another type of gaming that has also been affected by this shift, and that’s traditional gaming, or gambling.

Casinos have always been a place for people to gather together socially while betting their money on positive outcomes and big wins. But the rise of the internet and social digitalization has created new opportunities for gambling around the world. Whether it’s sports betting in Europe or online casinos Australia, there are a multitude of examples of this trend.

And it’s a trend that’s only likely to continue. As regulations continue to be passed in governments around the world, people can expect to see more options arise for those interested in spinning the wheel online.


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