The complete guide to playing as Morty in MultiVersus

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 25, 2022

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MultiVersus Season 1 sees a brand new brawler join the character roster with Morty, the anxious protagonist of the Cartoon Network’s animated series, Rick and Morty. 

Morty enters the roster in an unexpected category, considering his coy nature. Brawlers are aggressive bruisers, which aren’t adjectives you’d attach to a character that’s usually just along for the ride of Rick’s escapades. Regardless, Morty will be joining the fray in MultiVersus with Rick set to join later. 

Who is Morty? 

Morty is the central protagonist of the show Rick and Morty. He’s the grandson of a mad scientist named Rick who takes him on misadventures across time and space. Morty started out as a nervous sidekick to Rick, but deadly adventures have steeled him to some degree. 

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Under his grandfather’s supervision, more or less, Morty visited all corners of the universe. Whether it’s through countless different time streams or in and out of various dimensions, he does his best to remain optimistic despite the crushing truths of reality.

What is Morty’s play style in MultiVersus?

The version of Morty in MultiVersus is inspired by his confident self. He’s a bruiser, but he also has plenty of mage elements. MultiVersus’ game director Tony Huynh went as far as to say that, “Morty might be closer to a mage [but] does have some bruiser elements.”

Morty excels at using his massive arm, a one-off character named Armothy, to deal damage. Plenty of abilities in MultiVersus are references to the show. For example, the all-purpose household item Plumbus also makes an appearance. Morty uses it to move around and hit enemies. He has ranged options like a mage and his Auto-Pilot ability differentiates him from other bruisers.

Morty Moveset in MultiVersus 

Here is the full moveset of the latest bruiser in MultiVersus, Morty.

Ground Air
Aw geez! Snakes
Projectile move. If a grenade is active, he fires a laser to detonate it. Otherwise, Morty shoots a snake projectile that splits as it travels.
Barbarian instincts 
Morty does two chargeable swings with an axe
Unresolved anger issues
Morty lets out a combination of punches followed by a Hammer Morty attack. 
Power of fire!
Morty launches enemies and explodes them with fire.
Aw Geez, more snakes
Similar to Aw Geez! Snakes, except Morty shoots upwards with the snakes moving horizontally
Armothy assault 
A downward slam with Armothy.
Plumbus time!
Morty lets Plumbus loose to damage and debuff enemies.
Another portal? 
Morty receives armor and peeks into a portal before hopping in. Hold input to aim where Morty will appear after hopping through the portal. The portal Morty exits from will remain, increasing the speed of allied projectiles that pass by it. 
It’s a grenade, I think
Morty throws grenades, with a limited amount of ammunition.
Power of Earth
Morty erupts the ground in front of him. Morty can charge the move to change where the eruption occurse. Can be combined with grenades for multiple explosions.
Uh, Auto-pilot?
Morty summons the spaceship, creating a rising vertical platform.
Temporal Back-up
Morty warps back in time to a previous point, healing himself and his allies. Has the option to leave a grenade behind before warping.

How to unlock President Morty skin in MultiVersus

Morty’s iconic evil skin from the episode The Ricklantis Mixup in season 3 will be added to MultiVersus, but it costs Gleamium. 

The iconic skin is inspired by an evil Morty, who finally gets fed up with Rick’s manipulation. He is ruthless and brilliant, which allows him to become president of The Citadel of Ricks. Using his powers, he eliminates any disagreeable Ricks in the Shadow Council. This skin can’t be unlocked by playing. Instead, players must effectively pay $5 to get the skin. 

Best teammates for Morty

Morty’s move set is a mix of a mage and bruiser, so he doesn’t necessarily need a long-ranged hero to help him claim victory. He may pair well with a supporting character like Reindog or a tank like Iron Giant. Morty is quite self-sufficient, so a slight boost from support should be enough for him to carry a game. 


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