The best way to build new LoL support champion Rell

By Christian Vejvad


Dec 15, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Rell only recently entered League of Legends, and players are slowly starting to figure out how to build her in the most optimal way. 

The tanky support is already seeing a lot of play in solo queue and even though her win rates are lacking, she does have some strengths that can make or break a game. Rell is the epitome of a tank support, which gives her some pretty particular build paths that aren’t seen every day. 

It’s time to take a look at some of the best options when building Rell in League of Legends. 

How to build Rell in League of Legends

Rell is a champion that relies a lot on pulling off combos to chain her crowd control. This is done through her Ferromancy (W), Attract and Repel (E), and the most important spell Magnet Storm (R). To pull off these types of combos, Rell will need a lot of tankiness that allows her to jump in without getting blown up. 

Rell isn’t a champion that needs to dish out damage, so her item build is fully focused on tank stats and helping out her teammates as much as possible. Rell wants to start her build out with the Locket of the Iron Solari Mythic item, which provides her with health, resistances, and ability haste. Furthermore, Rell gets the important Devotion active that gives nearby allies a shield. The item also gives nearby allied champions armor and magic resistance, making Rell an important champion when grouped up for fights. 

Rell usually follows up the build with items that help out her marksman teammate, better enabling them to carry the game. Go for Zeke’s Convergence as a second item and use the active to link with the marksman. The link has great synergy with Attract and Repel, and allows the partnered ally to deal extra damage. 

As a third item, Rell wants another tool that can link her to a carry. Go for the Knight’s Vow to complete the link trinity. With Knight’s Vow, a percentage of the damage towards the linked ally is redirected to Rell. This turns Rell into the perfect meat shield for her teammates. 

When hitting level 13, Rell also wants to look at the Stirring Wardstone item. As support, Rell’s job is to keep great vision control and a ward item is required to do that. The item allows Rell to store three control wards and will transform when Rell has placed 20 stealth wards in the game.

After completing the three core items, Rell primarily wants to build up individual tankiness. Items such as Abyssal Mask, Gargoyle Stoneplate, and Warmog’s Armor are all great options to become even beefier. When Rell has these items, she will be almost unkillable while setting her team up in fights. Note that these items are situational and depend on the opposition’s composition.   

For runes, it’s recommended that Rell picks the Revolve tree with Aftershock as the Keystone Rune. For the secondary tree, Rell wants to go Inspiration where she can the Hextech Flash and some biscuits to sustain in lane. 

Rell runes

How many champions are there in LoL?

There are currently 153 champions in the game, the latest one being Rell who was released on December 9, 2020. Riot is releasing several champions each year, but has toned this number down a bit since there are already plenty of champions in the game. Riot is putting more focus on reworking older champions to keep them feeling fresh and up to date. 

Which champion is the best in LoL?

In a game with over 150 champions, it’s very hard to point towards a specific champion that is the best in the game. The best champion always depends on the situation, where factors such as opponents and teammates have to be considered. With that said, a good indicator is always to look towards solo queue win rates. As of patch 10.25, Olaf in the jungle is the champion with the highest win rate, so he could be considered the best in this current meta. 


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