The best rhythm games to start playing in 2024

By William Davis


Dec 8, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

If you’re not too familiar with rhythm games, you may think they’re all very similar. Simply press buttons to the beat and win, right? However, the genre is one of the most diverse in all of gaming. From visceral experiences wholly dedicated to music to action-filled combat that takes place to the beat, there are plenty of options to suit your tastes.

Unsurprisingly, rhythm games are also an amazing way to learn about new and awesome music. Many video games are known for their soundtracks, but rhythm developers know that the music will take center stage, so many of them put extra effort into composing the best tracks they can. If you’re both a gamer and a music lover, rhythm games are an amazing way to combine both of your interests.

If you want to dive into the expansive genre, these are the best rhythm games to try out as a new gamer in 2024.


In the hypnotic world of Thumper, players control a metallic beetle as it speeds down a track at breakneck speeds. The harsh soundtrack and thumping beats give Thumper the feeling of violence despite the lack of any blood or weapons. The trippy visuals combined with the game’s simple mechanics make Thumper a great pick for both rhythm game noobs and experienced veterans.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

If you want to sprinkle some rhythm into your normal fare of roguelikes and dungeon crawlers, Crypt of the NecroDancer is the perfect combo of unconventional gameplay and combat dancing. The RPG rewards players for taking action to the beat of the music, encouraging fast thinking while rewarding players who can keep up the tempo.

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Dance Dance Revolution

If you’ve heard of just one rhythm game, this is likely it. Dance Dance Revolution sparked the arcade rhythm craze in the United States with its unique pad control system and constant appearance in arcades. There’s no replacement for the true experience, but there are plenty of ways to play the game at home with the right equipment.

Rock Band

Multiplayer rhythm games are quite rare, but Rock Band is a very notable exception to the single-player rule. This title takes the basic idea of Guitar Hero and expands it out to every part of the classic rock quartet. Pick guitar, bass, drums, and even vocals and play along to tons of licensed tracks using fun peripherals.

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Guitar Hero

While Rock Band expanded the music game to several instruments, it all started with Guitar Hero. The game’s unique controller piqued gamer’s interests, and it remains one of the most iconic titles in rhythm gaming. Guitar Hero may no longer be officially produced, but the community has kept it alive thanks to custom songs and mapping.

Music competitions in the world of rhythm games

Just like fans of first-person shooters and MOBAs, rhythm game fans love to show off their skills. The points-based scoring system of the genre is practically begging players to one-up each other, and the vast rhythm game community has obliged. Multiple games have bustling competitive scenes, but one in particular stands out among the rest.

The most popular rhythm esports is Osu!, a PC-based tapping game that is often played using drawing tablets. The Osu! community often hosts both casual and competitive tournaments that occasionally put up real cash prizes. It’s not quite on the same level as major esports, but rhythm gamers with competitive spirit have some options.

Rhythms are everywhere, even in the gambling world

Music in games is important for several reasons, but the most recognized of all is its ability to create a certain atmosphere. Whether that’s setting the tone for a dark dungeon adventure or hyping players up for a big boss battle, music is the first step toward putting players into a certain mood. This applies just as much to real money games like the ones found in online casinos.

From Karaoke Party and DJ Wild to Guns N’ Roses and Jimmy Hendrix, video game players can expect to find a great diversity of music-themed games when browsing top casino sites. These games often feature icons from famous musicians in their games, with slot machines often replacing icons like cherries and 7s with symbols from the artist. You’re unlikely to get a bonus from spinning to the beat, however.


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