The best players in each role in the 2020 LEC Summer Split

Kenneth Williams • July 16, 22:11

As the LEC enters its second round robin, it’s worth looking at which players have made the biggest impact in the league thus far.

The competition in the 2020 LEC Summer Split has been historically high, with both rookies and veterans showcasing why Europe is considered one of the strongest League of Legends regions today. 

Note that all statistics cited are relative to each player’s respective role.  

Alphari dominates LEC despite Origen struggles

  • Highest gold differential at 10 minutes with 414 gold
  • Highest CS differential at 10 minutes with 18.2 CS
  • Highest kill participation at 71.6%
  • Highest XP differential at 10 minutes with 408 XP

Origen is currently tied for fifth place in the league after seeing mixed results, but top laner Barney “Alphari” Morris has been crushing it and is currently the team’s shining light. 

Alphari is the most dominant top laner during the laning phase, with a gold and CS differential at 10 minutes that beats out every other top laner. 

While Alphari is dominating in most statistical categories, he is also showing great variety in his champion pool. He has played six different champions in the first nine games of the split, with his most dominant being his famous Gangplank. 

Selfmade proves himself worthy with Fnatic

  • Highest CS differential at 10 minutes with 5.7 CS
  • Highest XP differential at 10 minutes with 382 XP
  • Highest gold differential at 10 minutes with 193 gold
  • Highest average damage per minute to champions at 318 damage

It came as a shock to many when Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek replaced Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen on Fnatic in November 2019, but he is proving himself as an important member of the team. Fnatic has been struggling to find its rhythm in the summer split, but that hasn’t stopped Selfmade from impressing.  

Selfmade is currently outperforming other LEC junglers in the early game and has pulled out champions such as Graves, Volibear, and even Nocturne. Selfmade is the key part to Fnatic’s early game, but he will need other teammates to step up before the team is playing up to it’s best again. 

Larssen takes the LEC mid lane by storm

  • Highest KDA at 7.4
  • Most kills with 44 total
  • Highest gold differential at 10 minutes with 239 gold

Rogue were considered a top 3 contender before the split started, but they are currently exceeding all expectations. Emil “Larssen” Larsson and the rest of the team have been consistently good, ranking at the top of the LEC with a 7-2 record. 

It’s been known for years that Larssen is a big talent in the mid lane and now he is finally showing his true potential. Despite the tough competition mid, Larssen is sitting with both the best KDA and most kills in his role. 

Patrik is keeping Excel in LEC playoff contention

  • Highest gold differential at 10 minutes with 258 gold
  • Third highest average damage per minute to champions at 646 damage
  • Third highest CS differential at 10 minutes with 11.1 CS

Putting Patrik “PatrikJírů on the list might come as a surprise, but he has been consistently carrying Excel to wins and is placed in the high end of most statistics amongst bottom laners. 

Ever since his time at H2k-Gaming, Patrik has shown consistency and been a player his team can rely on. Patrik is currently the biggest one-man army in the league, and if his teammates can step up Excel may be able to make a run in the playoffs. 

Kaiser pops off in his rookie year

  • Most assists with 87 total
  • Highest gold differential at 10 minutes with 327 gold
  • Highest XP differential at 10 minutes with 315 XP
  • Second highest kill participation at 76.2%

Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser has become a noticeable player in a very short amount of time after making his LEC debut in January. Together with MAD Lions he has managed to take down G2 Esports in a best-of-five, and the team is now tied for first in the summer split. 

Kaiser is currently leading in total assists and has both the highest gold and XP differentials at 10 minutes amongst all supports. The stats speak for themselves, but it’s also worth mentioning that Kaiser has been playing everything from the likes of Yuumi to Wukong, showcasing a big champion pool.


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