The best moves and items for Venusaur in Pokemon Unite

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 13, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

Venusaur is a Pokemon that every fan of the franchise will know from the very first generation. In Pokemon Unite, Venusaur was one of the first playable Pokemon added to the game, working as a ranged special attacker. Venusaur is a fairly reliable damage dealer but will also be able to tank and sustain much better than other carries in this game. 

To play Venusaur successfully, it’s important to understand the different moveset choices and the fact that Venusaur will use some different items compared to the plenty of physical carries that are currently in the game. Because Venusaur is a special attacker, it will be viable with some other items compared to for example Cinderace, Greninja, and Lucario. 

To learn more about the popular generation 1 starter, here’s a brief guide on which items and moves to pick when playing Venusaur. 

Venusaur Pokemon Unite

Best build for Venusaur in Pokemon Unite

As mentioned, Venusaur wants to focus on items that do well for special attackers. Even though damage items are great for Venusaur, it’s not always a glass cannon build that you want to run. Unlike other attackers, Venusaur is very much capable of taking some hits and being the bruiser on the team. This means that Venusaur will deal a lot of damage but at the same time won’t die as easily as other carries. 

This is clearly indicated in the items for Venusaur, where healing is a very valuable stat. With this build, Venasaur will get healing directly from his move set so these items will help boost that and turn Venusaur into an obnoxious attacker to deal with. 

Focus Band

One of the strongest items in the game currently is Focus Band and it pairs very well with Venusaur. Even though this is a defensive item, it really gives Venusaur the power to tank some shots and not necessarily stay at safe distance from the enemies. Focus Band gives flat defense to the user from incoming basic attacks and reduces incoming damage from special attacks. 

Wise Glasses

To have an item that increases the damage, Wise Glasses is by far the best option for Venusaur. This item will increase damage dealt by special moves both flat and in percentage, which makes all of Venusaur’s abilities stronger.

Shell Bell

Shell Bell is an item that synergizes extra well with Venusaur, especially when it takes Giga Drain at level five. As the special attacker Venusaur is, Shell Bell will help increase the damage of all special moves as well as reduce the cooldown. Besides that, the most important part of Shell Bell is the fact that it heals the attacker when a special attack hits a target. This is perfect for Venusaur to sustain and will boost the heal from Giga Drain.  

Best battle item for Venusaur

Just like most other playable Pokemon in this game, Eject Button will be the safest and strongest choice of battle item in most cases. The Eject Button has quickly become the go-to pick for almost every Pokemon, simply because it adds so much value to both defensive and offensive play. 

With Eject Button, it’s possible to teleport out of dangerous situations on a short cooldown. If used correctly, this effect can be a lifesaver several times throughout a game. In more dominant games, the Eject Button can also be used in an offensive way to chase down kills. For Venusaur, it’s really up to the player how this should be used. The safest way to use Eject Button will be to save it for when things get dangerous but feel free to secure some kills as well. 

This is the best moveset for Venusaur in Pokemon Unite

At the Pokemon Unite release, Venusaur was quickly marked as one of the absolute weakest Pokemon in the game. This changed during the first balance update, where Venusaur got a big overhaul with several buffs. So far, it seems that these buffs have helped Venusaur get onto a balanced state that makes it viable even in ranked matches. 

Razor Leaf (level one)

The first ability for Venusaur will be Razor Leaf. The reason why this should be leveled first is simply because of its long range and high damage. Catching an enemy with a full charge of Razor Leaf will likely chunk it to half health at level one. Razor Leaf will also help Venusaur clear the first wild Pokemon quickly to gain a few levels. 

Giga Drain (level five)

At level five, Venusaur gains access to Giga Drain. It’s not necessarily the only right choice but will be a very strong and safe pick. Giga Drain will be on a short cooldown and keep Venusaur sustained. Together with the Shell Bell item and Focus Band, Venusaur will be a sustain machine and impossible to force out of lane. 

Solar Beam (level seven)

In level seven, Venusaur gets Solar Beam which will act as the primary damage ability for Venusaur. After the recent balance changes, Solar Beam now has a very short cooldown and can be cast down to every three seconds in the late game. The long-ranged burst ability will help snipe low-health targets or even objectives.  

Verdant Anger (Unite Move)

At level nine, Venusaur gains access to its Unite Move Verdant Anger. This is an AOE ability that will do a big chunk of damage if hit onto multiple targets. Venusaur launches a giant seed towards the targeted area and will slow the movement speed on enemies hit. This is a fairly long-ranged ability but can be a bit tricky to hit at times. 


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