The best healer characters to play in Genshin Impact

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 30, 2022

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Using the best characters will make playing healer in Genshin Impact just as fun as dealing damage.

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a big multiplayer grinding session and dying at the start of the challenge. Playing healer is the best way to prevent that for both yourself and your teammates.

Three high-health characters can dish out more damage than four struggling ones and even healers themselves can contribute to the fight with the right artifact sets. Here are the four best characters to play healer in Genshin Impact and the best equipment they can get.

This short list of characters is based on how well they can heal in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Some characters apply their healing elemental skills to the whole party while others have to communicate. Here are the four best healers to play in Genshin Impact along with the two best artifact sets for the job.

Play Genshin Impact with these healer characters

There are a number of healers to choose from in Genshin Impact and all of them are viable to some degree. The gacha mechanics of the game still result in some being definitively stronger than others. Here are the best four.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

When it comes to pure healing output, very few characters can wave a stick at Sangonomiya Kokomi. The Inazuman five-star’s skill Kurage’s Oath spawns a jellyfish that wanders around healing allies for 8% of their max HP plus a flat bonus of 932 before healing boosts.  Her elemental burst attacks heal allies no matter how far away they are, making Kokomi a top-tier healer in Genshin Impact multiplayer. 

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If you prefer a solo healer than can also dish out damage, standard banner five-star Jean is a great option. Her elemental burst Dandelion Breeze will constantly heal anyone inside it up to 100% while applying anemo to enemies. She’s also great at shooting enemies off cliffs, a feat no other healer can match.


For newer players, Barbara is one of the easiest healers to get early on. She scales reasonably well into the later levels with powerful and constant healing. Her elemental skill applies to all characters in a party and Barbara’s burst is an instant mass heal with no strings attached. Just be careful about applying hydro to everyone while in an ice dungeon.


While Bennett is mostly known for his powerful damage buff, he’s also a top-tier Genshin Impact healer. Fantastic Voyage heals anyone in its radius up to 70%. For healed characters, it then applies one of the strongest buffs in the game. Bennett isn’t even a dedicated healer, but his elemental burst is still one of the best healing abilities.  

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The best artifacts for healers in Genshin Impact 

Once you’ve chosen your preferred Genshin Impact healer, a top-notch artifact set will make them fun to play. 

Maiden Beloved is the earliest healing artifact set in Genshin Impact. Available from the Valley of Remembrance domain in Monstadt, the full set boosts healing by 15% and further increases healing after using a skill or burst. Maiden Beloved doesn’t offer any offensive abilities, but it’s the best artifact set in the game from a pure healing perspective. Players can get a free four-star Maiden Beloved set from the handbook quests.

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Ocean-Hued Clam is another option for experienced players who have reached Inazuma. It has the same 15% extra healing bonus, but the full set gives all healers a surprise DPS ability.

The healing value is gathered into a bubble that pops after three seconds, dealing heavy damage in a large area. Ocean-Hued Clam is the best artifact set for mass healers like Barbara and Kokomi. It allows them to dish out damage in addition to keeping their team healthy.


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