The best gaming keyboard and mouse combo to buy in 2023

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Need a new keyboard and mouse combo for gaming in 2023? These package deals are an upgrade for any gaming rig.

If you just got done throwing together your budget gaming build or finally received your prebuilt in the mail, the next step up is upgrading your peripherals. The keyboard and mouse are your main points of interaction with your battle station, so it’s important not to skimp out on them. If you plan on upgrading both at the same time, you’re in luck. Many manufacturers offer special deals for gamers who are willing to buy them together.

The standards for a gaming keyboard and mouse will be high in 2023, with solid sensors and mechanical switches practically being required. However, gamers may be surprised at just how little those features can cost when bought together. Here are three gaming mouse and keyboard combos at three different price points in 2023.

The havit gaming combo is perfect for budget gamers

If you want to spend the absolute least amount of money on gaming peripherals, havit has you covered. The Hong Kong-based electronics company is offering an attractive combo deal in 2023 with a mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse available for just $57. This is the absolute lowest price point for legitimate gaming gear, though it’s not completely barebones. Both pieces feature RGB lighting, albeit with a limited amount of customization. The set also includes a plastic wrist rest for ergonomics.

The steel-based mechanical keyboard uses havit’s proprietary switches, which reviewers report as very clacky and quick to activate. Cherry MX Blue switches may be the goal for its design. The company rates its switches as good for 50 million strokes, and the mouse features both a DPI switch and some macro functionality. If you don’t mind both pieces being wired and can accept less functional RGB lighting, the havit gaming keyboard and mouse combo is an excellent budget option. 

Corsair has the best value gaming mouse and keyboard combo in 2023

If you have a little more cash to spend and want a known brand, a set of Corsair peripherals is just $130 away. The established computer gear designer is offering a great deal on a mechanical keyboard and mouse. The best part? Both are completely wireless. The combo contains a wireless K57 keyboard and a Bluetooth-powered Harpoon gaming mouse. This is the cheapest way to upgrade your desktop gear to an established gaming brand. 

The K57 has a tenkeyless design with a factory-reported 175 hours of battery life. The Harpoon’s rechargeable battery clocks in at 60. The pair also boasts RGB lighting with customization through Corsair’s software. The major downside for this combo is that the keyboard, a Corsair K57, is not mechanical, but it’s still the cheapest way to cut some wires on your PC gaming gear. 

Get your gaming rig esports ready with Logitech G Pro gear

Logitech’s G Pro brand represents its cutting-edge esports gear, and players who want the absolute best equipment possible can get a major discount. Logitech is offering a steep discount on a G Pro wireless mouse and mechanical keyboard combo deal in 2023. This setup ticks every box for quality, with GX Blue Click switches and a mouse that weighs under 80 grams. For $213, gamers can grab the same gear used by professional esports players. 

The Logitech G Pro Wireless packs the same internals used by esports icons, including Counter-Strike superstar Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. It features a perfect sensor, which pairs nicely with the keyboard’s key-by-key custom RGB. The keyboard lacks a numpad, which could put some users off. However, even this points toward its purpose as a dedicated tournament board. If you prioritize quality above all else, the Logitech combo is the best choice for you on this list.


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