Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

These are the best Force skills in Jedi: Survivor

By Nicholas James


May 20, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

Jedi: Survivor lets fans get back into the poncho of renegade Jedi Cal Kestis, these are the best Force skills Jedi: Survivor offers to players.

Jedi: Survivor lets players grant Cal Kestis new abilities through the skill trees for each Lightsaber stance and various Force abilities. These Force power-ups can radically alter Cal’s play style, and some of them become incredibly useful as the game goes on. If you’re looking for the best ways to harness the Force to your benefit in Jedi: Survivor, these are the best abilities we’ve seen.

The best Force Skills in Jedi: Survivor

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Howling Push

The Force Push ability is one of the most useful powers that Cal can gain along his journey in the Telekinesis. Holding the Force Push button will push enemies in a wider radius and further back than a normal push. This can be used to buy Cal space to heal or create distance in a fight. It can also be used to topple vulnerable enemies during certain moves or push enemies off of ledges to their deaths.

Push Parry

Parrying is a core part of Jedi: Survivor and Push Parry gives you an exceptionally powerful way to parry enemies. Push Parry allows you to press the Force Push button right before an enemy’s attack connects to parry their attack with a push and send them flying backward. Ways to create space for Cal mid-attack are highly useful tools in Jedi: Survivor and Push Parry serve excellently for what it does.

Unrelenting Pull

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Some enemies in Jedi: Survivor are Force resistant and can’t be manipulated by Cal’s basic force abilities. Unrelenting Pull fixes this, allowing Cal to pull many Force-resistant enemies despite their usual immunities. Pulling enemies into Cal allows for easy set up for Lightsaber attacks and can help close the distance between Cal and ranged enemies.

Redirected Strength

Cal’s Confusion Tree focuses on the Force Confusion ability but does have some abilities that tie into other Force abilities that Cal wields. Redirected Strength allows Cal to pull enemies, hold them in front of him, and fire their ranged weapon back at enemies. This doubles as displacement, a small defensive boost, and the ability to do damage at range without needing the Blaster stance.

Confusion Mastery

Confusion is an incredibly useful skill in combat, allowing Cal to turn enemies into pseudo-allies for a brief period. Some humanoid enemies are resistant to Cal’s Force Confusion, but Confusion Mastery fixes that. If you want to ensure your duels with Humanoid enemies are always in your favor, look to Confusion Mastery to guarantee you can mind control a key target.

Channeled Energy

The Force abilities in Jedi: Survivor are some of the most powerful tools Cal has. In order to use them, he needs to use his Force meter, which drains with each use. Channeled Energy allows you to gain more Force after defeating an enemy and recovers Force when striking and blocking enemies. Eliminating enemies and hitting blocking foes are two of the most common things you’ll do in Jedi: Survivor, so this functions as a quiet but noticeable boost to Cal’s Force pool. It won’t floor you with its raw power, but it will be a strong passive boost to your ability to access Force powers in a fight.

Attunement Skills

In the Jedi Concentration tree, there are three Attunement skills that increase Cal’s Maximum Force. These are quietly powerful, with each adding more abilities that Cal can use before needing to recover Force. If wielding the Force is a core part of your strategy, it’s definitely worth finding the Skill points to upgrade these skills just for the passive bonus to your Force pool.

Extended Hold

Cal’s powerful new Slow ability allows him to slow down enemies around him, with each enemy speeding upon being hit. Extended Hold allows Cal to hit an enemy twice before they speed up, guaranteeing more damage on Slowed targets. There are two other Hold abilities in the Jedi Concentration tree that stick out as useful for high-impact moments, with Greater Hold and Superior Hold both upgrading the duration of Cal’s Slow ability.

Swift Focus

If you’re a god at dodging abilities with the Precision Dodge, then Swift Focus is the skill for you. Cal gains Force when he dodges an ability with the Precision Dodge, and Swift Focus ups that Force gain. While many players might lean more on dodge rolling, Swift Focus will be a massive quality-of-life upgrade if you’re a measured player making good use of the Precision dodge. Force regeneration is a great way to augment Cal’s abilities combat-to-combat, and Swift Focus can be a core part of Force-heavy builds.

These are our best Force skills in Jedi: Survivor, hopefully, they’ll help you dominate the Empire and the many enemies ahead of you as you make your way through the game.