The best composition to help you win your Clash Worlds Cup

By Melany Moncada


Oct 8, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Clash is back with the Worlds Cup, a tournament to give every player a chance to feel like the pros competing in Shanghai.

Clash will start on October 10 when the teams are competing in the group stage of the tournament. All teams need to be locked up before that date. Players that don’t have a full team can offer their services as free agents. Players that opt to enter as free agents might be scouted by teams looking for more players.

Once the job of composing the team is complete, it’s time to start thinking strategies, and it all comes down to the perfect compositions. Every player has its own champion pool and putting together a cohesive composition might not be easy. It’s also important to keep the meta in mind when picking different champions.

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Every composition has a purpose, and whether it is scaling, crazy wombo-combos, or chained CC, they all have a win condition. One of the options is a composition with global ultimates that favor the team fights, and G2 Esports used this line-up on its victory over Machi Esports.

How to use the G2 composition to win in Clash Worlds Cup

This is one of the easiest compositions to execute because it doesn’t need to meet many conditions to be successful.

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  • Top lane: Camille
  • Jungle: Nidalee
  • Mid lane: Galio
  • ADC: Ashe
  • Support: Tahm Kench

There are multiple options with this composition. From a jungle hyper carry to a 1-3-1 mid to late game, it’s great for team fights but also for individual matchups. It’s important to keep in mind the ultimates and how they interact, the side pushing opportunities, and the options for runes.

Global Ultimates

This composition starts rolling once the champions hit level six and get access to the R. There are four important ultimates to consider:

  • Ashe: Enchanted Crystal Arrow
  • Camille: The Hextech Ultimatum
  • Galio: Hero’s Entrace
  • Tahm Kench: Abyssal Voyage

Ashe’s Enchanted Arrow needs no introduction. This is a projectile with a global range that stuns an enemy, the duration of the stun will depend on the distance traveled by the arrow. Shooting the arrow can be a great way to stop an opponent from running away or from initiating a team fight. The strategy is to go for easy arrows, the clean shots that no one can miss. A two-second stun can be game-changer in the heat of a team fight.

Camille and Galio are an unexpected duo. When Camille activates the Hextech Ultimatum, it creates an area where Galio can land with the Hero’s Entrance. Upon landing, Galio grants a shield to its allies in the area and deals damage to the enemies. Using the Hero’s Entrance with Camille all but guarantees that Galio has assistance around him once he lands. There’s nothing sadder than landing once all of your allies are dead or long gone.

Tahm Kench’s Abyssal Voyage allows the support champion plus an ally to travel around a short distance on the map. This is a game-changer skill because a one-versus-one fight suddenly can turn into a three-versus-engagement. The power of this ability should not be underestimated, especially in fights around objectives.

Side pushing

Global ultimates translate into safe side pushing opportunities. Once Camille hits the core itemization, she can go for a side push while the rest of the team group as four. Not many champions can deal with Camille in a one-versus-one duel, so the opponent will have a difficult time responding to this strategy.

Even if the opponent collapses onto Camille, the rest of the team can join quickly with Galio and Tahm Kench’s ultimates. Or they can sacrifice Camille and go for a dragon or turret on the other side of the map. The goal of this composition is to split up the map and force the opponent to choose which side to defend.

Getting spicy with Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is considered a defensive support because of Devour, but there’s more to this champion. G2’s Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle went for the unexpected Hail of Blades Tahm Kench, opening a whole new world of possibilities for this champion.

For runes, Mikyx went for Hail of Blades with Cheap Shot, Zombie Ward, and Relentless Hunter. Mikyx completed the runes with Approach Velocity and Biscuit Delivery.

The item build didn’t change as much, with Knight’s Vow first and Mercury’s Treads.

Hail of Blades Tahm Kench is the worst nightmare of immobile champions. Tahm Kench can hit them, apply a stun, swallow them, spit them out, and repeat the process. Because of his defensive items, Tahm Kench can survive almost any duel. This is ideal for any support that likes to play a little more aggressively.


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