The best Christmas gifts for PC gamers

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 17, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

There are tons of great Christmas gifts for PC games if you know where to look.

PC gaming is an expensive hobby. No matter how well-equipped they are, computer fanatics are always thinking about their next upgrade. Whether you want to impress with a fancy new GPU or are looking for a budget gift for Secret Santa, there are plenty of great gifts for the PC gamers in your life.

Best PC games to gift for Christmas

The most obvious Christmas gift for a PC gamer is a PC game.

The vast majority of PC gaming fans use a platform called Steam. It essentially works like iTunes for video games. Players can purchase, download, and launch games all through Steam. If you’re on each other’s friends list, you can purchase and gift games through Steam. Tons of exciting PC games have launched in late 2021, which makes them perfect Christmas gifts.

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A great way to find PC game Christmas gift ideas is to browse the New & Trending section. If you know they prefer a certain type like puzzle, first-person shooter, or story games, you can use the Categories section at the top to browse by genre. If you can’t find the perfect game, you can always purchase a physical or digital Steam gift card for them to spend how they please.

PC gamer merchandise 

If your PC gamer friend or family member is more interested in the games they already have, there’s still plenty of options for Christmas gifts. This option is best if you already know what kind of games they’re into.

Several popular PC games like Grand Theft Auto V, New World, Destiny 2, Fortnite, and Apex Legends have official merchandise stores with apparel, collectibles, and hats. 

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Many of them even have sales to celebrate the holiday season. If they’re particularly interested in Dota 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, check out our Christmas gift guides for those PC games.

PC gaming hardware

No matter how powerful their computer is, every PC gamer constantly thinks about an upgrade.

If you feel especially generous, computer components like graphics cards make excellent gifts. Head to Logical Increments to find a simple guide to computer components at various price points.

Cheaper computer hardware Christmas gifts include solid-state drives or cooling fans with custom lighting effects. Given the price of such gifts, it’s best to check with the giftee on what they need most. If computer hardware is out of your price range, every PC gamer could use some peripheral upgrades.

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Mechanical keyboards, gaming headsets, and esports-ready mice all make excellent Christmas gifts for PC gamers. Gigantic mousepads are an excellent budget option. If they already have a decked-out gaming station, a custom controller from Controller Chaos or Scuf is a great compliment to any gamer’s arsenal.


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