The best Atomic Mass Games to start playing in 2023

By Nicholas James


Mar 16, 2023

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If you’re looking for a new miniature game to pick up, especially in the Star Wars or Marvel universe, check out these great Atomic Mass games.

Atomic Mass Games is a tabletop game creator and developer responsible for several popular miniature games for major media properties. If you want to slug it out with your favorite superheroes or take up an army of figurines from Star Wars, look no further.

The Best Atomic Mass Games

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Are you a huge Marvel fan and want to duke it out across the kitchen table with your favorite superheroes or supervillains? How about staging showdowns against their counterparts from all over the Marvel universe? Look no further than Marvel Crisis Protocol. It’s a small-scale miniatures game that allows you to build teams of heroes and villains from across Marvel’s properties. You build teams based on characters’ “affiliations” and play skirmish-style encounters against other teams of characters.

Marvel Crisis Protocol is simpler than many similar war games and requires a smaller number of miniatures than larger-scale games in the same genre. It’s a sleek, well-designed miniature skirmish game with a much lower barrier to entry than most similar titles.

Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars Legion is a more traditional war game. Assemble armies from various timeframes of Star Wars. Want to push Darth Vader and squads full of Stormtroopers across the table, or do battle with Separatist battle droids? Star Wars: Legion is for you. Legion is a more traditional war game, with a higher model count and barrier to entry than projects like Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Star Wars: X-Wing

If Legion is too many models, but you still want your dose of a galaxy far, far away, check out Star Wars: X-Wing. This is a small-scale skirmish game in which you play pilots competing in dogfights with Star Wars’ most iconic spaceships. This requires the least models and has the lowest barrier to entry of any of the Atomic Mass Games we’ve highlighted.


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