The 3 best guns for Call of Duty: Mobile in 2022

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 13, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The best guns in Call of Duty: Mobile will help boost your KDA and blast through the Final Snow battle pass.

As with every new CoD: Mobile season, the game gotten a massive shakeup from the developers. Several guns have been revived by reworks and become popular options. Even already-popular guns like the Kilo Bolt-Action and HS0405 got some love. Add in the new weapons added in Season 11, and Call of Duty: Mobile’s best guns look a lot different. These three weapons can carry you through the Season 11 battle pass.

The SVD is the ultimate COD: Mobile sniper

If you prefer to keep your distance in Call of Duty: Mobile, the SVD sniper rifle is the best gun for you. The weapon passes the baseline requirement for all sniper rifles to kill in a single shot, including bullets to the chest, at most ranges. On top of its massive damage, the SVD also has one of the highest fire rates of any sniper rifle. Once you reach a good position, you can pop one head after another without needing to reload. This gives it a significant advantage over other snipers.

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The best attachments for the SVD are a matter of debate, but the 4X scope is pretty much required. It offers the perfect balance of precision and awareness. The SVD’s major weakness in its category is damage dropoff, as it loses the one-hit kill at further ranges. The 4X perfectly matches the ideal range for the SVD’s effectiveness. 

SMG fans should use the CBR4 in ranked

If a player prefers to take their engagements up close, the CBR4 is the best submachine gun for the job.

Season 11 buffed the Season 10 gun even further. The recoil pattern was stabilized so that it no longer flies up the screen after just a few shots. This makes it ideal for popping out from a corner and mowing down a group defending a site. The CBR4 now also deals slightly less hitstop than before, but the recoil improvement is definitely worth the tradeoff.

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Since the gun’s base damage and fire rate are already excellent, it’s best to focus attachments on accuracy and recoil reduction. Granulated Grip Tape, an OWC Laser – Tactical, and an OWC Marksman Barrel can boost the accuracy up into the 55 range. All that combined with the recoil buff make the CBR4 the best submachine gun in Call of Duty: Mobile.

The Type 25 is the best gun in COD: Mobile

Assault rifles will always be the bread-and-butter of any COD game, and Mobile is no exception. Even after taking a slight hit in the Season 11 update, the Type 25 remains an amazing gun in all game modes and ranges. The gun’s wild recoil and mediocre accuracy aren’t enough to balance out the fire rate of an SMG combined with the damage of an assault rifle.

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The right build really brings out the best in the Type 25. Hardline as a perk will jumpstart scorestreaks and Granulated Grip Tape with a Steady Stock instantly solves the accuracy issues. These traits combined blow the M8A1 and AP-96 out of the water. If you want the absolute best gun in all of Call of Duty: Mobile, there’s no replacement for the Type 25.