The 2021 LCS Summer All-Pro teams have been revealed

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With the 2021 LCS Summer Split playoffs starting this weekend, the three All-Pro teams have just dropped and include players from a lot of different teams. 

The LCS has been unbelievably close this whole season, with five teams fighting for first place during the recent summer split. This is reflected in the All-Pro teams, with players from many different teams. included. TSM and 100 Thieves ultimately ended up securing the top two seeds moving into playoffs, but players from Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, and Cloud9 are also represented in the three All-Pro teams. 

The first All-Pro team is always the one that takes the spotlight, and this time is no exception. For the first time ever, the LCS All-Pro team consists of players from five different teams. Traditionally, the LCS All-Pro team has been dominated by the top team, but this split has been so close that the individual performance of each player really meant something. 

Here are the 2021 LCS Summer All-Pro teams

With a total of five teams represented in the All-Pro teams, this will go down in LCS history for one of the tightest votes. The team to dominate the most has been 100 Thieves, who had four players represented on the teams. The only missing player from 100 Thieves is top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho, who didn’t make it for the first time in his LCS career. 

1st LCS All-Pro team: 

  • Top – Cloud9 Fudge (107 points)
  • Jungle – TSM Spica (127 points)
  • Mid – Evil Geniuses Jiizuke (104 points)
  • Bot – 100 Thieves FBI (122 points)
  • Support – Team Liquid CoreJJ (67 points)

2nd LCS All-Pro team: 

  • Top – Evil Geniuses Impact (96 points)
  • Jungle – 100 Thieves Closer (82 points)
  • Mid – 100 Thieves Abbedagge (102 points)
  • Bot – Evil Geniuses Danny (58 points)
  • Support – 100 Thieves Huhi (61 points)

3rd LCS All-Pro team: 

  • Top – TSM Huni (50 points)
  • Jungle – Cloud9 Blaber (28 points)
  • Mid – TSM PowerOfEvil (50 points)
  • Bot – Team Liquid Tactical (47 points)
  • Support – Cloud9 Vulcan (57 points)

Evil Geniuses wins LCS Summer Coaching Staff of the split

The other award that was revealed today was the LCS Summer Coaching Staff of the split award. This was given to the Evil Geniuses staff, which has been the most improved team of the summer split. 

After ending the 2021 LCS Spring Split in sixth place, Evil Geniuses bounced back and started to show consistency in the summer. This led to Evil Geniuses climbing to a third-place finish after the regular split, which means that the team will now have a very favorable position in the upcoming playoffs. 

Alongside TSM and 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses had the best game record during the summer regular season. The team ended up winning a total of 18 games with only nine losses. Most of these wins came in the last few weeks, with Evil Geniuses on a tear. 

The next LCS award will be the rookie of the year, with the winner being revealed on Wednesday, August 11. 


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