The 16 teams for Challengers Uprising Season 3 are decided

By Christian Vejvad


May 23, 2021

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The North American academy and amateur circuit is in full swing for the summer split, and it all starts with Challengers Uprising Season 3. 

Challengers Uprising is the first of three tier 2 events in the summer split that lead up to the Proving Grounds qualifiers, where academy and amateur teams clash to show their skill and hopefully see players make it into the LCS. So far, the Challengers Uprising has held two open qualifiers in which 16 teams have been found for the main event. The field includes LCS-sponsored organizations as well as independent amateur teams looking to chase glory. 

For the first qualifier, it was the amateur teams who shined through against all odds. Despite having five LCS organizations compete with their amateur rosters, it was the independent teams that made it through. Most notable was Revival defeating 100 Thieves Next over three games and Resolve NA taking out Cloud9 Amateur. 

This secured eight teams outside of the LCS-owned bubble in the main event, with the second qualifier yet to be played. In the second qualifier, LCS organizations got a second chance and used it wisely. This time around, there was no mercy as six out of eight teams that made it through were competing under an LCS banner. 

Looking at the 16 qualified teams, it’s looking to be very competitive at the Challengers Uprising Season 3 main event. Most eyes will likely be on teams like TSM Amateur, Cloud9 Amateur, and Golden Guardians Academy, but others could surprise. The spring split already proved what the independent amateur teams are capable of, with No Org winning the LCS Proving Grounds event. This time around, it might be a new organization that goes all the way and the journey could start in Challengers Uprising.    

Who is participating at the Challengers Uprising Season 3?

With a total of 16 teams participating, the Challengers Uprising Season 3 will be a hectic and competitive tournament. Over the course of a week, all 16 participants will play out the group stage followed by the playoffs. 

The teams for the Challengers Uprising Season 3 are: 

  • AOE Esports
  • Revival
  • EG Prodigies
  • TSM Amateur
  • Resolve NA
  • GG Academy
  • 100 Thieves Next
  • Dignitas Mirage
  • Zoos Gaming
  • Maryville University
  • C9 Amateur
  • Wildcard Black
  • AOE Randoms
  • Supernova
  • Wildcard Red
  • Radiance

Challengers Uprising Season 3 will kick off on May 24 with the first day of the group stage. You can follow the action here.


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