TFT set 5 adding new game modes, unique mechanics for Teemo

By Steven Rondina


Mar 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has teased what’s coming in Teamfight Tactics’ fifth set.

TFT Fates is wrapping up in the near future and with the end of set 4.5 will come TFT: Reckoning. As one would expect, TFT: Reckoning will toss out many of Fates’ mechanics, champions, origins, and classes in favor of a new group inspired by “the battle between good and evil.”

TFT designer Stephen Mortimer discussed some of the new things coming in TFT: Reckoning, including a load of unique mechanics on the way. 

Draven returns, Garen vs. Darius rivalry coming in TFT: Reckoning

Among the new origins is the Draconic origin. In each round where the Draconic trait is active, an egg will be added to the player’s bench. Eventually, these eggs will hatch into either new Draconic champions or “something else.” This should make for a unique mechanic, where bench space becomes an integral part of the build.

There will also be the Godking trait, which will involve Garen and Darius. Unlike Fates’ Exile trait which is shared by Yasuo and Yone, the Godkings seem to be specifically designed to not both be used by the same player.

Another interesting unit is Little Devil Teemo. The champion is very strong and costs 0 gold to build, but the catch is that he’s instead purchased with HP. Building him up across the game will require players to consistently win rounds, and presents a unique risk vs. reward option that hasn’t been seen before.

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Finally, Draven is returning for TFT: Reckoning. No other details were given on how he would function but his Ruined skin hints at who he might work alongside. 

Though they weren’t discussed at length, other champions shown during the teaser video for TFT: Reckoning are Aurelion Sol, Kayle, Gragas, Nautilus, and Ashe.

TFT Labs introducing Hyper Roll mode

One of the goals for Riot Games during TFT: Fates was to come up with a new game mode that has the TFT experience, but with a faster progression. With that, the developer is rolling out TFT Labs to come up with new limited-time modes for the game.

The first will be Hyper Roll, which allows players to roll to their heart’s content in a game mode designed to run for about 15 minutes. Players have 10 health and lose between one and three for each round lost.

These lab game modes will also have a ranked matchmaking system separate from that of the main game.

When does TFT set 5 come out?

Unless plans change, TFT set 5 will launch on May 12. The TFT Fates 2 pass is set to expire on May 11, which traditionally means that the set will end on that day. 


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