TFT patch 9.20 nerfs Assassin-Wild combo, buffs Gunslingers

By Marta Juras


Oct 9, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends patch 9.20 has introduced a few important updates to Teamfight Tactics. Riot Games is continuing to make changes to TFT with balance tweaks and stabilization improvements.

Patch 9.20 changes Assassins, Gunslingers, and others


The patch slightly lowered the crit chance of Assassins’ three-unit bonus trait to 5% and Wild’s attack speed per stack to 10%. These nerfs come as an answer to the Assasin-Wild compositions that have lately dominating the meta.

A slight buff comes to Guardian’s armor bonus. Gunslingers will now have a chance to fire an additional bullet with a six-unit synergy, potentially making them a more viable pick.

Buffs hit TFT, with nerfs to Akali and Poppy


Aatrox’s armor, Kai’Sa’s shield, and Fiora and Leona’s health are all getting increased so that these units can stay on the board long enough to be of real use. Kai’Sa also received an attack speed buff to her Killer Instinct ability, making her a more prominent Ranger pick.

Volibear received an increase in attack speed, and Gangplank gets a buff to his damage. Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit has seen an increase in the second shot’s damage.

On the other hand, as Riot lowers the power of the Wild-Assasins compositions in which she shines, Akali has gotten her attack speed lowered. The only other unit to receive a nerf is Poppy with her HP lowered by 100.

Infinity Edge and Frozen Heart up for nerfs, Deathblade and Quicksilver buffed


Patch 9.20 hasn’t skimped out on item balance either. Frozen Heart’s duration has been greatly lowered since the item has lately been abused by Assasins, but the nerf Riot went for might be a bit too much as players might now lose their incentive to build it at all. Infinity Edge also got nerfed, with the crit damage it offers being lowered.

The average quality of Thieves Gloves’ item combinations has been lowered as well.

Equipping a unit with Deatblade will now instantly grant the damage of the first stack. Quicksilver has a shorter cooldown, but the current meta doesn’t revolve much around crowd control, so this change probably won’t make a significant difference in player builds.

The patch also implemented changes to leveling and to tier drop rates. The full notes are available here.