TFT: Galaxies will add Star Guardians, keep Blademasters and Sorcerers

By Melany Moncada


Feb 27, 2020

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Riot Games has revealed new information about set 3, Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies.

TFT: Galaxies is taking the game to new heights. The third set is coming out next month and Riot gave fans a sneak peak at the new traits that are coming to the game. Mecha fans and Star Guardians enthusiasts will be quite pleased with what’s to come.

New traits and champions in TFT: Galaxies

Longtime League of Legends fans all know and love the Star Guardians and they are joining TFT: Galaxies as a group of six units.

Star Guardian

  • Whenever a Star Guardian casts their spell, distribute (3) 20 mana (6) 30 mana among all the other Star Guardians.

The trait works similar to the Oceans in set 2, but instead of granting mana per second, they do it after they cast a spell. The Star Guardians coming to TFT: Galaxies include Poppy, Zoe, Ahri, Neeko, Syndra, and Soraka.

Another new trait in set 3 are Cybernetic units. The trait uses the popular Project skins, which transforms LoL champions into cyberpunk characters.


  • Cybernetic champions with an item equipped gain (3) 300 health & 30 attack damage (6) 800 health & 80 attack damage.

In the preview, Riot shared that Leona, Fiora, and Irelia will be Cybernetic champions with a few other champions likely to join them.

Notably, Leona and Irelia also possess two new traits in Vanguard and Mana-Reaver, respectively. It was previously revealed that Poppy and Leona are both Vanguard units, suggesting this this trait will fit into the same niche as Knights in Set 1, or the Wardens in Set 2.

Probably the most interesting and exciting trait in set 3 is Mech-Pilot.


  • (3) At the start of combat, three Mech-Pilot champs are merged into a Super Mech until it dies.

That’s right, three units combine into one massive Super Mech that deals AOE damage. The Super Mech takes on the stats of the champions, so the stronger the better. The Super Mech can hold up to three items, so picking the right itemization is key to taking full advantage of this trait. A combination of damage and defensive items is the best way to go. 

Annie, Rumble, and Fizz will be among the Mech Pilot class.

Additionally, Rumble is one of the two Demolitionists revealed this time, the second is Ziggs.

Rebels is another trait in set 3. Riot didn’t share many details about these units. We know Rebels are the champions from the Odyssey skin line, so we might see Malphite, Sona, and Jinx in the game. Celestial, Infiltrator, Chrono, and Valkyrie are also part of the new traits, Riot is yet to share more details.

Returning traits in TFT: Galaxies

In terms of returning traits, it has been confirmed that Blademasters and Sorcerers will be returning in TFT: Galaxies.


  • Blademasters have a (3) 25% or (6) 50% chance on hit to attack two extra times.
  • Xayah – Tier 1 (Celestial/Blademaster)
  • Shen – Tier 2 (Chrono/Blademaster)
  • Yasuo – Tier 2 (Rebel/Blademaster)
  • Kayle – Tier 4 (Valkyrie/Blademaster)


  • All allies gain (2) +15% (4) +40% (6) +120% increased Spell Power.

While Blademasters are staying the same, but with new champions, Sorcerers got a rework. Now the Sorcerers boost the power of all allies instead of just Sorcerers.

These might not be the only returning traits, it’s possible that Gunslingers and Rangers will make a comeback. Outside of the Mech-Pilot and Blademaster units, the traits revealed are front liners or utility options. The game needs some reliable DPS, and Gunslingers or Rangers can get that job done. A completely new take on hyper carries is also a possibility.

Based on this information, it’s possible to start making up compositions. However, there’s one missing piece of information that could affect all plans, the galaxies.

Every board on TFT: Galaxies has its own set of rules and its own meta. What might work on one board might be useless in the next. The idea behind this is to keep the game interesting, and to challenge players to adapt to new situations. There isn’t an exact number of galaxies, Riot shared that it could add more and remove them as it seems fit.

TFT: Galaxies arrives goes live in March.


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