Techies and Bounty Hunter have the funniest Dota 2 bug

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The funniest glitch in Dota 2 involves a T-posing Techies spinning at mach speed across the map.

Dota 2 players have discovered a new glitch that may rank among the funniest in the whole game. The setup involves Techies, Bounty Hunter, and a strange interaction with Lotus Orb. The result is one of the wildest graphical glitches possible. While somewhat complicated at first, it is reasonable enough to see in a real match and doesn’t break the gameplay in any meaningful way.

To set up the glitch, players will need a Techies and Bounty Hunter on opposite teams. The Techies will need Lotus Orb applied, which is the only item necessary for this trick. The example below includes Aether Lens and Aghanim’s Scepter, but that’s just to make it easier to see.

Funniest glitch in Dota 2 breaks the Source 2 engine

To activate the new glitch, apply Lotus Orb to Techies and target them with Shuriken Toss.

Under normal circumstances, the Lotus Orb would send a second shuriken out to strike the Bounty Hunter. However, instead of a shuriken, Techies responds by flinging the cart-pusher Spleen as a frozen model. The character stays still, but rotates similarly to the shuriken. The result is a gigantic T-posing Techies flying across a team fight, which is the funniest glitch you can reasonably expect to see in a Dota 2 game.

It’s not clear why this glitch happens, but it seems to be related to the model depository in Dota 2. Instead of the normal shuriken model, the game grabs a Techie file instead. This glitch doesn’t seem to be affected by cosmetic sets, which further points to a model glitch.

The shuriken still does full damage, so Valve may leave the glitch in for quite some time unless fans speak out. Considering how hilarious the glitch is, it may be best to keep our mouths shut.