TFT patch 11.21 previews Lucian, Mystic, Kayle buffs

By Nicholas James


Oct 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

It’s the last patch before Riot Games switches up Teamfight Tactics sets, but it’s not pulling punches.

The Teamfight Tactics developer previewed tweaks to Divine, Sentinels, and more in the patch preview. Patch 11.21 looks to uplift a few units that have been suffering and knock down some of the set’s more dominant champions. The changes will be short-lived, however, as the new TFT set, Gizmos and Gadgets, drops two weeks later.

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Teamfight Tactics: Dawn of Heroes has had a mixed reception from the TFT community. While the swap between Ruination and Reckoning in the mid-season had some flair, the central mechanics remained similar enough that players began to get used to the set quite quickly.

As fun as the Sentinel Armory and divine items are, they boil down to more extreme versions of item effects that already existed. As a result, much of the set has felt derivative off the first half of the season.

Kayle buffs allow her to ascend on final patch

Riot’s taking the chance to address a few evergreen units that keep coming up as top-tier units. Vel’koz is first on the list to get nerfs, the void-born Spellweaver has been wreaking havoc as a part of Divine and Abomination compositions throughout Dawn of Heroes.

Other units getting updates are Akshan, who’s been a top-of-the-line carry unit since his release with the right AD items, Miss Fortune, and Zyra. Akshan’s been taking a lot of thunder from other Sentinel carries, particularly Lucian, so he’s being toned down. Zyra eats a nerf following recent Draconic buffs, but also makes the 2-Spellweaver package with Vel’koz less effective. Miss Fortune has been able to dump crazy amounts of damage out for most of the season, it looks like we’ll have one patch with slightly less presence from the pirate captain.

For buffs, the Mystic trait will see a boost, alongside Kayle and Lucian. Both Kayle and Lucian have had their spotlight somewhat stolen by other units like Vel’koz, Akshan, and more. The buffs to Lucian will make it more of a decision about whether or not to pivot to Akshan in the late game.

Meanwhile, Kayle will have one last patch to try and solo carry you to victory with some improved stats. Mystics have failed to be the anti-mage protection that they promise and Riot is looking to tweak them to help get there sooner.


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