Teamfight Tactics beta pass chapter set to end, new chapter coming

By Marta Juras


Jul 19, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The first chapter of the Teamfight Tactics beta pass will be expiring soon, while the next edition of the pass has been announced to come with patch 9.14.

Riot Games has announced the end of the first beta pass chapter. Since the pass was available from the launch of TFT only on some servers while being delayed on others, it will also be ending at different dates and times for different regions.

North America, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, both Latin American servers, and both European servers will be able to compete for the beta pass rewards until July 29, 8:59 PDT. Brazil will have the pass until July 26, 9:59 PDT.

The pass will turn off on July 23 in Japan 14:59 PDT and in Oceanic regions 12:59 PDT. Turkish and Russian servers will see it shut down a day later at 15:59 PDT. Southeast Asian servers will see it expire on July 25, 13:59 PDT.

And while the first chapter of the beta pass is coming to an end, the second one is set to begin with patch 9.16 for all regions. That patch is scheduled for August 14. Challenges and rewards that come with the next beta pass are likely to remain similar to what was seen with the first pass. 

The new pass will be free for all players as Riot continues to celebrate the launch of TFT, with exploration with paid versions likely happening in the future.

The beta pass allows players to earn points and achieve the objectives of weekly missions by playing Teamfight Tactics matches, and by logging into the client daily. Earning points increases the tier of the pass up to nine tiers. Each tier gives further rewards and requires more points, including a legendary egg, arena skins, emotes, and icons.

Some players took the opportunity to complain about the beta pass’ missions being too difficult to achieve in the given time. However, others feel this is not something to complain about as the pass is free, and it’s still possible to collect all rewards in the given time. Riot is likely to take the players’ feedback to heart while they decide on the future of TFT’s battle passes.


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