Team SoloMid knocked out of 2020 LCS Spring playoffs by FlyQuest

By Melany Moncada


Apr 13, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Team SoloMid has been knocked out of the 2020 LoL Championship Series Spring playoffs by FlyQuest.

The season is over for TSM, as the team fell in the second round of the playoffs against FlyQuest in a series that went to game five. FlyQuest is facing Evil Geniuses one more time for the last spot in the finals.

TSM cannot handle FlyQuest in 2020 LCS Spring playoffs

FlyQuest is showcasing greatness in the playoffs. In the series against TSM, the team had a good read on its opponent and a proactive strategy. 

Support Lee “igNar” Dong-geun was in charge of the initiation for FlyQuest. After three games of Rakan, TSM had to target the enemy support and take away some of his playmaking potential. The counter didn’t slow down IgNar, as he went for Thresh and Blitzcrank from there.

TSM struggled with communication during the series. Jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett was always one step too far from his team and jumped in to initiate team fights without an ally in range. Those plays would end up costing TSM the series.

Up until game five, the series was even with FlyQuest just slightly ahead of TSM. FlyQuest focused its efforts on shutting down Dardoch and forcing him to go for risky plays. Dardoch fell for the bait and died on multiple occasions. FlyQuest funneled those kills into their mid laner, who was unstoppable just ten minutes into the game. TSM couldn’t recover from a disastrous early game and gave up the series.

It wasn’t just because of Dardoch. Overall, the TSM players had a bad performance and couldn’t pull off plays. Something was missing for the team this time around.

FlyQuest will now face Evil Geniuses, the team that defeated them in the first round of the playoffs. The roles have been swapped in the semifinals, as Evil Geniuses was completely destroyed by Cloud9 in semifinals and FlyQuest gained momentum against TSM. The teams will face off on April 18.


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