Team Liquid Apex Legends player Casper tests positive for COVID-19

By Olivia Richman


Mar 25, 2020

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Apex Legends player Brenden “Casper” Marino has tested positive for coronavirus. 

“COVID test came back positive. The nurses aren’t very concerned for someone my age. It’s pretty much just like a cold. Said it should be about eight to 12 more days till I should start feeling a lot better. Now to sit in my room for two weeks straight. Thanks everyone for the support,” he tweeted out earlier today. 

While having COVID-19 is nothing to scoff at, it seems that the struggle of getting tested was much more difficult to deal with for Casper. It was a long affair to get to this point, one that he documented on Twitter. 

“Woke up with a sore throat, spitting up blood, massive headache, chest pain. This is gonna be a long day,” the Team Liquid player said on March 21. 

This was not good timing to feel ill, with the second Apex Legends Global Online Tournament about to begin. Despite feeling worse and worse as the day went on, Casper still joined his two teammates in the tournament and they actually did quite well despite his growing list of symptoms. 

“As the day goes on, I’m getting drastically worse in terms of how I feel. Very hot, out of breath just going to the bathroom, kinda scared as I did almost die of pneumonia as a kid and had some mild asthma. Trying to power through for the team. But fuck I’m not feeling good,” he tweeted. 

After a tough day of competition and combating his growing sickness, Casper and his Liquid Blue teammates qualified for the finals. This was no small feat. They were up against Team Liquid’s other competing team, along with On the Hunt and Rebel Esports, all North American teams that qualified for the finals, too. 

Instead of celebrating, Casper tweeted that he was about to go to the doctor. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as easy a task as he thought. He ended up calling four emergency rooms in an attempt to see a doctor about his symptoms and get tested. Intead, he was told to take vitamins, stay hydrated, and get some rest. 

The first ER had reportedly told him they “don’t do testing” unless the symptoms are “extreme.” Instead, he was told to make appointments with clinics that are doing coronavirus testing. Unfortunately, those clinics told him they were “massively understaffed” and it would be 48 hours until he got the test. 

“How are we this unprepared to deal with this?” he asked. 

The next day, Casper woke up “feeling like shit.” 

“Woke up in a sweat. I feel like shit. Just gotta be strong for a couple more days till I can get tested. I need to be better for finals and that’s what’s scaring me the most. Have to be there for the boys,” he told his fans. 

Casper plays in Apex Legends Global Series Online Finals despite sickness

On March 23, the day of the finals, Casper learned that the team’s request for a substitute was denied. Casper said he would “pull through the sickness for the boys” to “get that $$.” 

Fans were appalled that their request was denied, especially when his symptoms were so severe. Still, they commended him for qualifying despite feeling so unwell and wished him luck. 

“Have to get a pop off game for last. But I feel like so much shit. This shit is rough,” he tweeted about the North American finals. 

Despite his efforts, Casper stated that he didn’t play at his best. In the end, they got in 7th. Even worse, Casper said he felt “like absolute death.” He said that playing through the sickness was hard, as his temperature went past 100 degrees. 

“Everything, no excuses, just had some zones that didnt go in our favor, and couldn’t fully capitalize on the ones we had. Sucks that I feel like the boys were a man down. Definitely,” he said. 

Finally, the test was approaching. The night before the COVID-19 test, Casper said he was sweating in his house, despite it only being 60 degrees. At this point, Casper’s concerns were no longer the online tournament and were instead on America’s healthcare system. He said that four days to get a test during a pandemic is “way too long.” 

“The next two weeks are going to skyrocket in cases as tests become more available,” he said, noting that many people probably already have it but don’t know since there’s no access to testing. 

Finally, four hours ago, he got the test. While nurses feel Casper will most likely be okay, the frustration of getting to this point has left the Apex Legends pro exhausted. The Apex Legends community, pros and fans, showed their support on Twitter. Apex Legends players from Team SoloMid told him to “take it easy” and to “recover swiftly.” 

Team Liquid League of Legends streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera recently told fans that he has COVID-19 symptoms as well. He was recently at the Los Angeles International Airport, which he said made him at “high risk.” Just like Casper, IWillDominate was told that he would most likely be fine and to not go to the hospital unless needed. He will get his test results tomorrow. 


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