Tarik starts a Twitter war by saying Valorant is harder than CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 6, 2021

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Tarik “tarik” Celik’s recent jab on Twitter has revived the old debate between Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant players who are always eager to argue which game is the best. 

Former CSGO professional and popular Valorant streamer tarik took Twitter to express his opinion regarding the difficulty level on both shooters. However, his light tweet managed to spark a whole new drama within the first-person shooter community. 

Is CSGO or Valorant harder to learn?

Valorant just celebrated its first anniversary. Despite having tons of achievements under its belt within one year, the game has failed to eliminate incessant comparisons with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Riot’s shooter has garnered a massive player base in a short time, and still, players can’t seem to let go of the Valorant versus CSGO conversation. 

The debate had died down for a while due to the lack of CSGO tournaments and a declining player base. But, a simple tweet from Tarik flamed the Valorant fans who disagree with his statement. The pro player tweeted that he believes CSGO is “harder” as compared to Valorant. The comment didn’t sit right with Valorant players who spend hours in range, and so a social media riot began. 

Tarik has an extensive experience in CSGO, and his time spent in Valorant makes him a credible person to speak on the subject. Many players have previously commented how CSGO can be a bit more challenging, but tarik’s opinion has a lot of weight, which is why his tweet spread like wildfire. 

CSGO players came out of their holes and hyped up Tarik’s statement, whereas Valorant players kept listing the reasons why Riot’s shooter is hard to master. Whatever the case, Tarik’s simple tweet managed to reignite an old debate that had settled. The pro player later responded with a Pepe meme that said “everything is going as planned,” suggesting that he was having fun with aggressive FPS players. 

While both games have unique aspects that are tough to learn, aiming in CSGO is undoubtedly more tricky. And since aiming is the true essence of any shooter game, Tarik’s statement wasn’t entirely wrong. Each weapon in CSGO has a unique spray pattern, which is super accurate and tough to master, making it the superior game in terms of shooting. 

However, utility usage, balancing economy, and coordinating with the team requires more effort in Valorant. Due to all of these aspects, many ace aimers coming in from CSGO find it hard to rank up quicker. The communication aspect is highly crucial in Valorant since each player has unique abilities, unlike CSGO. Thus, both the games require effort and hard work at a higher level of play. 


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