Syndra, Lux, and Sett banned for start of 2020 LEC Spring Split

By Marta Juras


Jan 19, 2020

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Riot Games had decided to disable Sett, Lux, and Syndra from the LEC until further notice. Riot’s league operations lead for Europe esports, Maximilian Peter Schmidt, shared the news on Twitter, stating that the three champions will not be allowed in the first competitive week of the 2020 LEC Spring Split and possibly beyond. 

Lux and Syndra are being disabled due to bugs that can significantly change the outcome of a game, while Riot wants to give pro players more time to practice Sett before bringing the champion onto professional servers.

Bugs stopping the LEC players from playing Lux and Syndra

According to reports, the issues with Lux surround her Final Spark spell, with the ultimate inexplicably dealing no damage at times. Riot has not confirmed that this is the reason for Lux’s banning. 

Many are speculating that Syndra’s Force of Will spell is what led to her banning. Grabbing an enemy minion with the ability and throwing it on an enemy while they are channeling a teleport will cancel the summoner spell when it shouldn’t. Given pro players have been practicing Syndra for the 2020 LEC Spring Split, this isn’t an unimportant decision. Odds are Riot will fix it before long.

Though Schmidt said Sett has been disabled since there wasn’t enough time to practice with him, the champion is also currently experiencing significant bugs in the game. This includes a frustrating bug where his ultimate glitches and glues the target enemy onto Sett for a longer period of time.

Lux and Syndra bugs are only significant on the LEC level of play

The fact that Riot labeled these bugs as “game-changing,” had many asking why the champions aren’t disabled globally in League of Legends. Schmidt said the bugs are more likely to get exploited by pro players who could train to consistently use them, while they are largely coincidental for casual players.

“The reason that the barrier for a client disable is higher than the barrier for competitive play is that pro players are able to use certain issues to their advantage more consistently than us non-pros,” Max the X said.

He has also confirmed this decision will extend to all European regional leagues if the bugs continue to persist.


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