Super Smashwatch game mode fuses Overwatch with Super Smash Bros

By Milo Webb


Jun 5, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Tracer may not be showing up in Super Smash Bros. anytime soon, but PC players can now get the next best thing thanks to the Overwatch Workshop.

A Reddit user has used the game’s new Workshop mode to create an in-game Smash Bros replica mode titled Super Smashwatch. The fan-made game mode showcases all 30 of the game’s heroes dueling in the Super Smash Bros. style, including three lives per players, a two-dimensional field of view with an active camera that keeps all players in frame at all times, and even signature movement options like shields and air dodges.

Super Smashwatch is currently one of the most popular Workshop game modes, according to a report by Kotaku.

Reception from the Overwatch community has been generally positive, although some players have been reporting a few grievances. One of the most common complaints pertain to the mode’s movement options. The W key is used to move forward and the S key is to move backward. Keys A and D will turn the hero left and right. A number of users have suggested that the creator change directional movement to A and D, but the author says it’s just not that easy.

The mode’s author outlined issues with the Workshop that limit the ability to change the way direct inputs are perceived by the game. It’s a reminder that for all of the creativity offered by Overwatch’s Workshop mode, it does have some limitations.

Blizzard introduced the Workshop in April 2019 with the goal of bringing about an easy way for fans to modify Overwatch. Players are able to create their own custom modes with rules and unique play conditions that can affect each hero’s movement, abilities, health, damage, and more. The UI presentation can also be significantly altered, as is the case in Super Smashwatch.

Many popular game modes have been created since the release of the Workshop, including Floor is lava, Flappy Bird, and Uno.

Super Smashwatch is available to play for PC players by inputting the code VZ4YG on the Overwatch workshop menu.


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