Suning vs. G2 Esports: betting analysis at Worlds 2020

By Melany Moncada


Oct 8, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

G2 Esports and Suning are closing group A in the 2020 World Championship in a match that might decide the entire group.

G2 started its Worlds run as the favorite to dominate group A. The European squad stumbled against Team Liquid, while Suning gained momentum and picked up key victories. At this point it’s fair to assume that Suning is warmed up and ready to fight for first place, while G2 went from the absolute king in group A to losing against the winless Team Liquid in a worrying fashion.

Losing against Liquid changed things for G2. That match exposed how easy it is to throw G2 off balance and all it takes is one good invade at level one. After giving up first blood, G2 couldn’t recover despite having the tools to take over the match. The team that looked unbeatable is suddenly the target in group A.

Heading to Worlds, Suning got placed as the weakest LPL team in the tournament. Suning had a shaky debut, but it got comfortable on stage and the team’s overall performance improved. The star of the hour is jungler Lê “SofM” Quang Duy, who’s having the tournament of his life.

Every time Suning is on stage, all eyes are on SofM. Vietnamese junglers are a known weakness for G2, so much so that the team adopted it as a meme. Just because the team laughs about it doesn’t make the threat any less real. Historically, G2 has struggled when facing Vietnamese teams, and this time one player might be enough Vietnamese representation to spell trouble for G2.

It’s not a secret that Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski is struggling. The jungler lost the edge that earned him the MVP title in the LEC in 2019. It might have something to do with the meta and Jankos’ inability to execute on carry junglers. SofM is getting better and Jankos is getting worse, it’s looking doomed for G2.

Suning vs. G2 is anyone’s game

On, odds are tied. Both Suning and G2 are tied with 1.85, but that number may change as the day progresses. Much will depend on the performance each team has over the course of the day.

Suning and G2 play on October 8 at 8 AM, CST.


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