Suning continues its surprising Worlds 2020 run, takes down TOP Esports

By Melany Moncada


Oct 25, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Suning did it again. The LPL underdog defeated TOP Esports and is advancing to finals in the 2020 World Championship.

Suning pulled off yet another major upset and is advancing to face DAMWON Gaming in finals. Underestimated by everyone, Suning keeps proving that it’s a worthy opponent as the team has taken down yet another LPL team. This is the first victory Suning gets over TES since 2019.

The dark horse from the LPL is still in the race

Suning keeps doing its best FunPlus Phoenix impression and going against all odds. Despite looking solid against JD Gaming, no one believed that Suning could actually defeat TES. The summer champion, and one of the favorites to win the tournament, was supposed to put an end to Suning’s Worlds run. TES failed at every instance and Suning managed to get the win.

TES’ had a problem setting up for objectives and it ended up costing it the series. Suning would let TES stack dragons and get ready to fight at soul point. In game one, it would be a fight around dragon what put Suning in the match. TES looked lost, trying to attack from different points, but failing miserably. At times it felt like every player on TES’ side had a different idea on how to approach the play.

That disconnect between the players resulted in multiple mistakes across the map. The TES players gave up kills, got too aggressive without backup, committing to the wrong skirmishes. Every time TES took the wrong step, Suning was there to punish and used those opportunities to get something on the map.

Suning played a disciplined game. The team recognized when to stop chasing and let the enemies go. The team also understood which plays were too risky and avoided those situations. It was a bloody affair, but not a chaotic game like most LPL games are. Suning showed restraint, a surprising trait considering how young this roster is.

Suning faces the final boss in Worlds 2020

Suning made it to finals and will look to keep the Summoner’s Cup in China, but it won’t be easy.

Suning is going against one of the best teams the World Championship has seen in the past couple of years. DAMWON is an unstoppable force that only gets better as it advances in the tournament. It’s an opponent to be feared, especially after that 19-minute victory over G2 Esports in semifinals.


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