Skadoodle wins Twitch Rivals Valorant tournament with T1

By Chase Mulonas


Jun 8, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Former Cloud9 player Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham is the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star to make the jump to Valorant, joining T1’s newly formed roster.

The recently retired AWPer will be joining former IBUYPOWER teammates, as well as some fresh faces:

  • Braxton “brax” Pierce
  • Keven “AZK” Larivière
  • Victor “food” Wong
  • Austin “crashies” Roberts
  • Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham

On Twitter, Skadoodle announced that he was excited to compete again and thanked T1 for the opportunity. He has been seen competing in Valorant since early April this year, winning a couple of tournaments including the 100 Thieves Invitational with Team Shroud, the Code Green Invitational together with Team n0thing, and the T1 Invitational together with Team brax. 

He added a huge feather to his cap by winning the Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Launch Showdown North American tournament alongside the T1 roster, which competed as Team brax.

T1, formerly known as SK Telecom T1, was one of the earliest adapters to Valorant. The top Korean League of Legends organization unofficially signed brax as the first professional Valorant player. The organization is hoping that this popular lineup will help to spread its wings into North America, and into another prominent esports title.

Skadoodle came into the CSGO limelight while playing for IBUYPOWER, and cemented his place as one of the best AWPers in the North American region. Together with Cloud9 Skadoodle won a number of tournaments, most notably the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018. 

His CSGO career was not without controversy, as he was a part of the infamous iBUYPOWER roster that was almost entirely banned from Valve tournaments. Skadoodle was able to avoid this ban, but brax and AZK weren’t so lucky and have largely spent the last five years as journeymen.

This is a long-awaited return to competition for Skadoodle. He hasn’t competed seriously since late 2018, when he was benched from Cloud9’s roster.


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