sinatraa’s spot at Sentinels in question after profile removed

Olivia Richman • June 5, 11:09

Jay “sinatraa” Won has been removed from Sentinels’ Valorant page after receiving an extended suspension from competitive play. 

sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend Cleo accused the former Overwatch League MVP of sexually and emotionally abusing her. These accusations led to an internal investigation by the Sentinels organization. During this time, the popular player was benched. In mid-May, sinatraa received a six-month ban from Valorant developer Riot Games for refusing to cooperate with its own investigation. 

Members of the esports community have questioned if sinatraa would be allowed back on the team and enabled to compete after possibly abusing a former partner and then failing to comply with the ensuing investigation. sinatraa has continued to hint to his fans that he would be back to playing Valorant, although he often mentioned content creation rather than competing profesionally. 

Despite having to deal with a very large buyout, Sentinels added sinatraa’s suspension-era replacement, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, to its Valorant roster. This is something Valorant fans have wanted since TenZ appeared to improve the team significantly throughout his time with the squad. This improvement was only further confirmed when Sentinels won the recent VCT Masters LAN event. But while it seemed like a smart move to sign on TenZ, Valorant fans did wonder what this signing meant for sinatraa. 

Now it seems like the community might finally have an answer. 

sinatraa likely leaving competitive Valorant for content creation

Fans recently noticed that sinatraa had been removed from Sentinels’ Valorant roster page. This seems to point to sinatraa being removed from the Sentinels competitive Valorant team, though Sentinels has yet to formally announce any updates on sinatraa’s future with the squad. 

sinatraa can now be found within the esports organization’s content creation section. This goes along with sinatraa’s recent streams during which he’s told other popular Valorant streamers that he plans to return to streaming on Twitch as a content creator following the conclusion of the investigation. sinatraa’s Twitter bio reads “content for Sentinels” at the moment. 

sinatraa has not made any public statements regarding his apparent removal from the competitive roster. 


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