shroud isn’t happy about the aim and recoil in Valorant

By Nick Johnson


Apr 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek let Valorant have a piece of his mind after he nissed what looked like two easy kills while playing his daily dose of Riot Games’ first-person shooter.

Twitch fans know that if there’s one thing shroud is known for, it’s hitting some pretty nice flicks on enemy players. But after shroud missed two kills on the Kingdom assassin Reyna, he let loose his frustration with Riot’s shooter. shroud’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive background means that he has a good feel for how a game’s aim should work, and he wasn’t impressed with Valorant’s.

“It’s actually uncomfortable how high you have to aim. In CS, you aim much lower,” shroud said.

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Shroud compares Valorant to CSGO more than once during stream

Later, shroud once again pitted Valorant against his own career as a pro CSGO player, but this time it was about the difference in recoil between the two games.  The streamer took a fight on Bind’s A sight, choosing to commit to a long spray with Valorant’s silenced Phantom instead of letting its recoil reset. The enemy Killjoy eliminated shroud after the streamer fired half a magazine at the player.

“I should have reset instead of just holding mouse one, but I thought ‘just maybe, a little bit of Counter-Strike. Just maybe you could control it.’ Nooooo,” shroud said.

Everyone has their off days in Valorant, even shroud. But after years of playing CSGO at the pro level, shroud is probably so accustomed to CSGO’s slim weapons that Valorant’s embellished skins might be throwing off his spray. When players try to control for recoil, both muscle memory and a player’s peripheral vision come into play. And while Valorant’s spray patterns are very similar to those of CSGO, its possible that the gun’s visual recoil and profile could throw players off. 

It wasn’t long before shroud returned to hitting his trademark one taps , so players shouldn’t be too worried that he’s lost his touch. That said, CSGO fans are still holding out hope shroud comes back to light up players in their game one day soon. At least now they know CSGO isn’t too far from shroud’s mind, even when he’s playing Valorant.