shroud explains why bottom fragging in Valorant is no big deal

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

shroud has come out in support of bottom fraggers, explaining how first-person shooter games go deeper than how many kills you have. 

shroud’s opinion on FPS games carries a lot of weight due to his decorated resume in CSGO and now Valorant, and he’s often seen educating his viewers about the details of shooters. This time, the former pro player has spoken out about negative K/D scores on his recent stream. 

In the stream, a viewer asked him how it feels to bottom frag in a game, leading shroud to break down why kills are not the only important factor in Valorant. He clarified that a good player could add value to the team from the bottom end of the scoreboard in a game like Valorant, using the example of an entry fragger. 

“Let’s say you entried every round, you got so much space and your team always traded, but you never got a kill… That’s amazing, you did good.” shroud said. 

Good aim is crucial in first-person shooter games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant, but it’s certainly not the only thing that decides the outcome of a game. Entry fraggers are often expected to die after getting one kill in high ranked games since their task is to create space and gather first information. A second entry may end up having more kills due to the support from a controller and duelist. These factors may impact the kill feed of other players and still propel the team closer to winning. 

“If you feel like you’re doing your part, and you can tell you did good, it doesn’t matter if you went 6-20. You can do good without having a good score,” shroud said. “That’s just how these games work. It’s a team game.”

In Valorant, agents are slotted in specific roles, and this reflects on the scoreboard as well. For example, a good team won’t expect Cypher to rush in and rain kills, as the agent becomes useless after dying. Still, a negative rating isn’t always justifiable. 

Often support players find themselves in awkward situations while trying to assist teammates, ultimately ending up on the bottom of the scoreboard. Players then need to justify their value to the team in other ways.


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