Shock heap praise on Choihyobin after winning OWL Grand Finals

By Morten Marstal


Sep 30, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

San Francisco Shock player Hyobin “Choihyobin” Choi won the Overwatch League Grand Finals MVP award after his team’s 4-0 victory over the Vancouver Titans.

He opened up on the achievement in a press conference following the event.

“Even though I’m the one that received the MVP award, my teammates are the ones that put me in a position for me to be efficient,” Choihyobin said. “So I’d really like to thank my teammates for that.”

Shock owner Andy Miller was asked a question about the foundation of the team, but took that moment to interject about how great their MVP was.

“Nobody would be here without [Choihyobin]. That is the most clutch player in the league and he’s an unbelievable teammate, we’re just honored to play with him.” said Miller.

It didn’t stop there. Matthew “Super “DeLisi chimed in right after to heap more praise on the tank player.

“He’s probably the most selfless player on the team…he’ll do whatever you want him to do,” Super said. “If you ask him to trust, you he’ll trust you. If you ask him to make a play, he’ll do whatever you need him to do.”

Overwatch League Season 2 MVP Jay “Sinatraa” Won said Choihyobin is the best teammate he’s ever had. “He always puts his teammates first. He never tilts in scrims,” Sinatraa said.

Choihyobin crushed it for the Shock in OWL Grand Finals


Choihyobin showed up on the good side of the kill feed in the Shock’s 4-0 sweep of the Titans. His Sigma turned a lot of fights in the Shock’s favor, and his shields were consistently well-timed and well-placed.

The MVP showed amazing game sense throughout the match, coming in clutch by countering sneaky tactics and using Kinetic Grasp to catch bullets from from the Vancouver Titans’ MinSoo “SeoMinSoo” Seo. He even managed to deny an entire Reaper ultimate with the ability to prevent his teammates from dying.

While Choihyobin is a very humble player that appreciates the support and hard work of his teammates, the other Shock members are quick to point out his significant role. As Miller said, nobody would be there without Choihyobin and it feels like he will be sticking around for another run to the OWL Grand Finals in the 2020 season.


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