Seraphine is failing as a mid laner due to troubling kit

By Melany Moncada


Dec 10, 2020

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It’s been almost two months since Seraphine’s release and the champion is not living up to Riot Games’ expectations.

Seraphine is arguably the most problematic champion released in 2020. From its odd online presence to its controversial lore and its kit that looks like a Sona remake, players had every reason to dislike the Starry-Eyed Songstress. To make things worse, Seraphine is not even working how Riot intended her to work.

Seraphine, a failed mid laner

Riot clarified multiple times that Seraphine is supposed to be played primarily as a mid laner. However, the pick rate for Seraphine in the mid lane is currently 0.6%. In, one of the biggest sites for League of Legends data, Seraphine is not even listed as a mid laner. The number of games played on that role is not significant enough. When she does play in this role, her win rate is far behind that of the best mid laners in LoL.

Seraphine’s pick rate as a support decreased drastically since patch 10.22. In patch 10.24, the pick rate is 4.36%. The decrease is due in part to the nerfs Seraphine received and the implementation of new items. After patch 10.25, Seraphine’s win rate as a support has increased.

Seraphine LoL

What is Seraphine supposed to do in lane?

The main issue for Seraphine is her lane presence. On her own, Seraphine has no kill pressure and must have a jungler by her side in order to get anything done. The only thing that Seraphine can do on her own, is to stay under the turret, getting CS and poking if the enemy gets too close.

Because of her kit, Seraphine is not an optimal roamer. Unless Seraphine lands a stun or her ult, there’s nothing that she can do to help the bottom lane. In the late game, Seraphine starts to deal some good damage and can burst the enemies down. However, to reach that point, she must survive at least 20 minutes of game. During that time, the rest of the team must make up for Seraphine’s uselessness.

When was Seraphine released?

Seraphine was released on October 29, 2020 with patch 10.22. Seraphine is the 152th champion in League of Legends. Seraphine made her debut on stage alongside K/DA during the opening ceremony for the 2020 World Championship finals.

What role is Seraphine?

Seraphine is intended to be played in the mid lane. However, based on her kit, most players rather play Seraphine as a support.


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