Seraphine can build longer range than turrets with her autos

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 17, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

It’s rarely seen that a champion can out-range turrets in League of Legends, but Seraphine is not a typical champion. 

The game’s newest champion Seraphine is available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for testing and players have already figured out how to build an incredible auto-attack range through her Stage Presence (P). 

Seraphine’s passive allows her to fire an empowered basic attack that deals additional damage and has increased attack range. The empowered attack is activated through “notes” that ally champions receive when Seraphine casts abilities near them. 

The more notes Seraphine creates, the longer the range will get, and that is what enables her to outrange turrets. With all four allies near her, Seraphine can stack up her notes to a maximum of 20 and then outrange turrets through a very strong empowered basic attack. The attack also does a lot of extra damage, so the turrets can take a solid hit. 

How to build Seraphine’s auto attack range

To pull off this trick, a lot of time and coordination will have to be invested from the team. First of all, Seraphine will need all of her teammates around, her which in itself rarely happens. Then she will have to cast a total of three spells to get enough notes for her empowered attack. Not before then will she be able to attack turrets without taking aggro from it. Note that this is only for one auto-attack and then Seraphine will have to recreate the entire process.

While it is impressive that a champion can get this much range on an auto attack, it is unlikely that it will be particularly useful on Summoner’s Rift. It is a cool trick to pull off if a turret is very low or a turret plate is about to pop, but the time that is required to be invested will rarely be worth it. 

This is why Riot is most likely going to keep this as a possibility. Champions such as Senna and Kindred also have the potential to scale up their attack range, but just like Seraphine, it takes a lot of work to reach a point where it is too strong. 

Seraphine is still available for testing on the PBE, so there is still a chance that Riot will tweak her passive before release. 


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